The Best Electric Knives for Carving, Slicing, and Filleting

Whether you’re carving your turkey, filleting a freshly-caught fish, or preparing a beautiful bread and cheese board, there’s an electric knife that will make the job easier. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Electric Knife Options


Whether you are cutting meat, fish, or bread, getting the perfect slices can be tricky. Traditional knives can wobble or slip without a great deal of pressure, concentration, and energy, resulting in sliced fingers and uneven cuts. They also need sharpening at regular intervals if they are to continue slicing rather than hacking away at your Sunday roast. The ideal alternative to the traditional carving knife, bread knife, or filleting knife is an electric knife.

When using an electric knife, the blade does the work. The knife moves its blades back and forth while you guide it downwards. This reduces the chance of unintended movements, meaning straighter bread, cheese, and meat slices, cleaner fillets, and more control around bones and through vegetables. (Many crafty cooks also use their electric knives to slice foam and foam board for DIY projects to get straight, clean cuts with less shredding!)

To narrow your options, consider your cutting needs and convenience. Stainless steel blades are the most durable choice; they rarely, if ever, need sharpening, and are easy to clean. If you have a primary use in mind for your electric knife—filleting fish or slicing bread—select the blade shaped for the job. The material and ergonomics of the handle are also important, because the vibrations from the motor can cause an uncomfortable grip to slip or cause fatigue, and not all grips are easy for left-handed cooks to use.

Our Top Picks

Once you’ve evaluated your needs, check out our choices for the best electric knives for all your cooking needs.

The Best Electric Knife Option: Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife Set


BEST OVERALL: Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife Set

The Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife Set features two oscillating stainless steel blades and a complementary carving fork. The two blades work together to cut through almost anything and never need sharpening. Meats, bread loaves, and craft foam fall effortlessly into thin, uniform, beautifully textured slices with very little effort, and the handle is ergonomic and comfortable for either a right- or left-handed cook. The set fits into a space-saving hard case for easy and safe storage when not in use, but the versatility of this tool suggests that it won’t be out of use often.

The Best Electric Knife Option: Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Knife


UPGRADE PICK: Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Knife

The Rapala has twice the blade speed of a standard electric knife, resulting in clean, smooth, fast cuts through meat products, bones, and scales without tiring your hands. The 7.5-inch stainless steel reciprocating style blade is dishwasher safe and connects effortlessly to an ergonomically designed handle, which sports an air-flow body design to keep the motor cool. The blades are sized for filleting, but can also be used to carve a turkey, ham, and other meats, along with bread. The knife includes an 8-foot power cord, giving you plenty of room to comfortably complete all your filleting jobs on the boat or in your kitchen.

The Best Electric Knife Option: Mister Twister Electric Knife


BEST FOR HEAVY DUTY: Mister Twister Electric Knife

This knife doesn’t look like it was built for the kitchen, but don’t let that fool you. The Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife is designed as a fish filleting knife and has the bright colors to show it; however, it cuts a wide range of meats and other items just as easily and with the same precision. It also slices bread beautifully. The twin oscillating blades fit easily into the handle and lock in place. The blade release means it is easy to remove the blades for cleaning when you are finished. The power cord is slightly shorter than is convenient, but the durability and power of this long-lasting tool are worth it.

The Best Electric Knife Option: Black+Decker Electric Carving Knife


BEST VALUE: Black+Decker Electric Carving Knife

The Black+Decker 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife features two serrated blades that work together to cut through almost anything. The blades never need to be sharpened and can be easily released from the handle for easy dishwasher cleaning. The handle is ergonomically designed to increase control and comfort and includes a lock button that prevents it from being turned on accidentally once it is plugged in. A non-slip tab is attached to the base of the blades for safer attachment and removal, and the knife comes with a blade guard for safe storage. This knife is great for meats, cheeses, loaves of bread, and even craft use at an extremely reasonable cost.