The Best Fat Separators for Soups and Gravies

Don’t lose precious homemade stocks and gravies to a greasy coating—remove the fat before serving with these helpful kitchen tools.

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The Best Fat Separator Options


Many prefer the taste of homemade gravy and stock over store bought equivalents, but the cooking process can be tedious. The most time-consuming part of making homemade stocks and sauces is the defatting process: endlessly skimming with a spoon or chilling the liquid so the hardened fat can be skimmed off. Fat separators make this process faster and easier so you can get on with the rest of your cooking.

Modern fat separators are available in angled spoon skimmers and jar separators featuring pouring spouts, with some containing draining devices at the bottom. The jar separators come in a variety of sizes and materials, so it’s easy to find one that fits your needs based on how much and how often you need to defat. A small container may seem ideal in terms of storage, but it may also mean you need to process your gravy or broth in multiple batches.

Fat separators differ in the fineness of their filter, which matters to cooks who require a very fine or very coarse separation. If you’re just interested in skimming off most of the fat for health and texture purposes, the size of the tool will likely be your biggest consideration. We’ve scoured the market to present some of the best fat separator options available.

Our Top Picks

Choose the fat separator that will serve your needs appropriately in the kitchen among our quality recommendations.

The Best Fat Separator Option: Cuisipro 4 Cup Fat Separator


BEST OVERALL: Cuisipro 4 Cup Fat Separator

Made of BPA-free tritan plastic, the Cuisipro has many thoughtful features without unnecessarily complicating the process. The jar features a screening lid through which the liquid is poured, which filters out large lumps and chunks. Once the liquid is inside, the fat will rise to the top while the gravy or broth remains at the bottom. Once the separation is complete, users press an ergonomic lever on the handle and the defatted liquid dispenses out of the bottom of the jar until the lever is released, leaving the fat in the container. The benefit of this separating method is that the fat is not agitated during pouring, so it doesn’t re-mix into the liquid. The fat can then be poured out through the spout built into the lid. The entire assembly comes apart into three pieces for easy cleaning in the sink or top rack of the dishwasher. This combined method ensures lump-free drippings with a maximum amount of fat removed and an easy cleanup.

The Best Fat Separator Option: Vondior Fat Separator With Bottom Release


RUNNER UP: Kitchen Geeks Fat Separator Measuring Cup

This fat separator has a 4-cup container featuring a coarse strainer at the top and a bottom release to remove rich liquids while leaving the fat behind. The bottom release is precise enough to dispense stocks into ice cube trays with precision for easy, mess-free freezing. The Kitchen Geeks separator can be used for soups and gravies, as well as for clarifying butter and even dispensing pancake batter—it’s a great multitasker in the kitchen.

The Best Fat Separator Option: Fox Run Gravy Fat Separator


AFFORDABLE FAVORITE: Fox Run Gravy Fat Separator

Fox Run’s offering is a no-frills fat separator that does an excellent job. Shaped like a watering can, the 1.5-cup separator has a cylindrical container with a pour spout drawing from the bottom and a sturdy handle. Measurements marked on the side of the cup allow for precision before and after separation. Pour the pan juices, stock, or gravy into the cup, wait for the fat to rise to the top, and then gently pour off the defatted liquid at the bottom. Gentle pouring is required so as not to disturb the fat layer, and if there is too much agitation, the cook may need to set the cup back down to re-separate before continuing. With a little patience, the job of separating fat can be accomplished efficiently and inexpensively with this budget pick.

The Best Fat Separator Option: Fatsoff Soup Scoop Fat Skimmer


HONORABLE MENTION: Fatsoff Soup Scoop Fat Skimmer

This scoop-style separator is an upgrade to the traditional angled spoon method of fat removal. It’s a simple, straightforward tool for removing fat that’s easy to store and has no easily breakable parts. Rather, this is a clear, BPA-free plastic ladle, with a raised cone in the bowl and a small hole in its top. Once your soup or drippings have cooled enough for the fat to rise to the top, gently press the fat skimmer down on the top layer and watch the fat enter through the hole and slide down the cone, trapping it in the bowl of the ladle. When you’ve collected all the fat in one area, move to the next, emptying the ladle as necessary, until you have defeated the entire pan. Yes, this skimmer takes a bit longer than some other options, but it has the benefit of working well for chunky soups that cooks don’t want to fully strain.