The Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes of 2023

Upgrade the look of your living space regularly with home decor subscriptions that are curated and sent seasonally, monthly, or annually to satisfy your interior design passion.

By Mel Childs | Published Nov 3, 2021 10:44 AM

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The Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes Options


Decorating is not as easy as it may look. Blending the right colors, styles, artwork, and other decorative items together to make a seamless visual statement is part science, part art. Curating the right mix of pieces usually involves shopping at several stores and juggling a short list of potential purchases. This part of the search process can be fun, but it also can be quite arduous.

Home decor subscription boxes take stress out of looking for perfectly curated items by doing some of the work. Subscribers share their interests or decorative tastes, and then choose the delivery intervals that work best for them. Interesting and on-trend items show up at the door every month or season.

Keep reading to find out how you can get started with home decor subscriptions, and check out some of the best home decor subscription boxes available.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Decocrated
  3. BEST FOR DIYERS: Project Home DIY
  5. BEST DESIGN: Tavé Home
  7. BEST COMBO: Third & Main
  9. BEST FOR HOBBYISTS: The Plant Club
  10. ALSO CONSIDER: Habitation
The Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes Options


Tips on Choosing the Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes

Receiving a decor box delivery can feel like getting a birthday present every month, as it can be delightful to open one filled with nifty decorative items. However, the experience may not be as thrilling if subscribers don’t choose the type of home decor subscription that suits the recipient’s lifestyle or tastes.

There are a few strategies to choosing the best home decor subscription boxes, and it starts with knowing what the user desires and their preferred style. An ideal home box subscription also has what a subscriber would enjoy and use.

Some of the things a subscriber might want are items helpful for home projects. Others may want a box that allows them to enjoy making arts and crafts. The good news is that there are many box decoration ideas from which to choose.

To help narrow down what type of subscription box would be the best choice, here are some important tips to keep in mind when choosing a decor subscription to add to any house decoration updates.

  • Set a budget and choose a subscription that fits within it.
  • Determine how often you plan to update the decor, and choose a subscription accordingly.
  • Choose a company that packs the products well to minimize damage on arrival.
  • Try to stick with companies that have good reviews.

Our Top Picks

These days, having a personal shopper isn’t limited to celebrities who desire the latest fashion trends. A personal decor shopper who knows the latest home-design ideas and can deliver in a timely fashion—and within budget—is more available than ever. The following are some of the best home decor subscription boxes presented by category.

Best Overall

The Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes Option: Decocrated

Four times a year, enjoy seasonal products that contain six to eight unique pieces designed for each season. These pieces may include throws, wall art, pillows, and more. Founded in 2018, Decocrated helps home decor enthusiasts transform their home, one box at a time. With the motto “Home Wasn’t Built in a Day,” this newcomer decorating subscription box offers a fun and innovative way to keep the home looking and feeling fresh each season.

In addition to receiving one-of-a-kind pieces, subscribers can decorate using the help of stylist guides specific to each of the four seasons. They can refer new friends and get discounts toward their next purchase, and subscribers can also manage their referrals on their dashboard. This home box subscription provider makes staying at home and shopping online for home decor fun and simple. New curated pieces are shipped four times a year with the option to purchase the service quarterly or annually.

Product Specs

  • Shipment intervals: Every 3 months or annually
  • Number of items in box: 6 to 9 full-size items
  • Additional perks: Styling book included, holiday add-on boxes


  • Can preorder boxes for certain holidays
  • Six to nine pieces delivered with each subscription
  • Decor within each subscription matches the season


  • Limited options for how often it ships

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Home Decor Subscription Box Option: Renovar

Get a variety of delightful affordable items including home furnishings, vases, throws, candles, and more from this home decor subscription newcomer. Renovar, Spanish for “renew,” offers unique and trendy products that upgrade the look of a home every season.

Subscribers no longer have to go all over town searching for the perfect blend of home decor items to match their tastes. Instead, Renovar’s highly skilled designers stay abreast of the latest fashions and curate products that are seasonally tasteful. For those who want great design ideas, or may not know how to decorate at all, DIY cards are also included. In addition to the cost-effective products and decor assistance, Renovar also includes bonus items with their delivery.

Product Specs

  • Shipment intervals: Every 3 months
  • Number of items in box: 6 to 8
  • Additional items: DIY cards and other bonus items included


  • Offers promotional discounts; not limited to a particular plan
  • Easy-to-use website layout
  • Low price


  • Blog isn’t up to date

Best for DIYers

The Best Home Decor Subscription Box Option: Project Home DIY

Hiring an interior decorator is a great choice for those who don’t have decorating skills, but not everyone can afford one. The next best thing is to find ways to learn how to decorate, like with this subscription box from Project Home DIY. In addition to supplying products, this service also teaches subscribers how to decorate. Using simple, everyday items, subscribers can use the box contents and transform them into trays, wall art, wreaths, lanterns, and more.

New subscribers can choose from a monthly plan, 3-month plan, or a 6-month plan. They will also receive a free starter kit. The company offers individual products and DIY kits for sale and allows for subscribers to purchase old subscription items. The subscriber can also gift products to friends, family, and neighbors who would delight in such DIY crafts.

Product Specs

  • Shipment intervals: Monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months
  • Number of items in box: Varies
  • Additional items: Free starter kit with new subscription


  • Print and video instructions included
  • Free starter kit with new subscription
  • Includes perks for signing up


  • Boxes sell out each month

Best for Art Lovers

The Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes Option: Art Crate

Of all the home decor items to choose from and purchase, art can be one of the most time- consuming. It can also be quite expensive, and acquiring pieces by well-known artists may not be possible for many home decorators. Luckily this subscription box provider aims to provide beautiful and affordable art from some of today’s budding artists. The art that subscribers purchase today from this service may end up being tomorrow’s great Renoir, Pollock, Monet, or Dali.

Subscribers choose from many types of art including boho chic, figurative, nature, and landscape. They can also browse artwork by current rising artists. For anyone who needs help during the selection process, an online chat curator can assist. Subscribers can also pick and choose artwork instead of choosing a plan.

Product Specs

  • Subscription intervals: Monthly subscriptions
  • Number of items in box: 1 or more
  • Additional items: Additional art can be purchased, no extras included


  • Large selection of art categories
  • Offers a way to check order status
  • Personal curator handpicks art


  • Subscription process takes longer than others

Best Design

The Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes Option: Tavé Home

For subscribers who treat their home like a showplace, Tavé Home’s curated pieces may add seamlessly to the collection. These jaw-dropping and well-designed products are sure to fascinate the subscriber and their guests. Subscribers can choose from a few popular styles including Farmhouse Fresh, Clean and Crisp, and Eclectic Chic.

Within each quarterly subscription delivery, the subscriber will receive four to six items. (If they choose the annual plan, they can save.) Subscribers can expect to receive items such as napkin rings, wildflower stems, candles, bookends, and table runners. They can also choose other products if they don’t like the ones scheduled to arrive with the sneak-peek option. Upcoming box contents can be previewed before the box ships, and there’s an option to swap items before shipment. If subscribers have questions, there is an online chatbot to help with decor questions or the subscription service.

Product Specs

  • Shipment intervals: Every 3 months with the option to pay annually
  • Number of items in box: 4 to 6 decor and textile products
  • Additional items: À la carte items available


  • Subscribers can sneak-peek items before box ships
  • Friends of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute receives 5 percent of earnings
  • Subscribers can opt to purchase individual items


  • Must take a quiz before buying

Best for Entertaining

The Best Home Decor Subscription Box Option: Posh Home

If fancy is what’s desired, fancy is what’s delivered from subscription box provider Posh Home Box. Subscribers have access to the latest styles in upscale home decor, including wall art, pillows, throws, doormats, and pet products. They get a variety of subscription options including the monthly box, maisonette, luxe, and seasons of style. Plus, there’s an option for subscribers to receive a smaller box subscription.

All of the boxes can be a one-time purchase or can be turned into a subscription that allows the subscriber to save money on each box. If a subscriber doesn’t want a subscription, they can still find great deals on individual items such as ornaments, stuffed pumpkins, trays, candles, and spoon sets. The style of decor includes contemporary, romantic, chic, and cheerful.

Product Specs

  • Interval of subscriptions: Monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and annual subscriptions
  • Number of items in box: 3 to 5 items
  • Additional items: None included, but 600+ items can be purchased separately


  • Upscale style themes: champagne welcome box, kitchen couture box, etc.
  • Smaller maisonette box available
  • Includes general home decor and decor specific to kitchen and bathroom


  • Subscription page not easy to navigate

Best Combo

The Best Home Decor Subscription Box Option: Third & Main

The world is a busy place, and for some there’s often an urge to feel welcomed and cherished at home. Third & Main subscription providers seem to understand this feeling. This is why they created products that feel like they fit in a fresh and cozy home.

They offer a modern farmhouse subscription and a contemporary subscription which include great high-end products. If modern farmhouse and contemporary types of decor aren’t ideal, subscribers can also choose seasonal bundles.

If subscribers prefer to buy products for friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors who love home decor, there are gift boxes available. Perfect for the decor enthusiast, they work well as gifts for real estate agents or clients who have recently purchased a home.

Product Specs

  • Interval of subscriptions: Every 3 months
  • Number of items in box: 5 or more items
  • Additional items: Pop-up boxes available throughout the year


  • Usually includes one item made in the United States
  • Offers choice of items for each delivery
  • Subscribers receive discount on gift boxes


  • Limited home decor style options
  • Limited number of boxes available

Best for Travelers

The Best Home Decor Subscription Box Option: GlobeIn

While it may be a dream to travel the world to find specialty artisan decor, it’s good to know that there is a subscription box provider that brings items from around the world to anyone’s doorsteps. Elegant, handcrafted pieces from some of the world’s greatest artisans come in each box that arrives every 3 months, 6 months, or annually. Plus, their subscription supports and helps create jobs and fair wages worldwide.

This provider allows subscribers to see what they are getting ahead of shipment. If the decor is not to their liking, they can swap it or pass on it completely and wait for the next option. Past boxes include a serve box, cheers box, punch box, fizz box, cooker box, checkmate box, and fiesta box. Subscribers can also opt to become affiliate partners and earn money for sharing information about their subscription boxes.

Product Specs

  • Interval of subscriptions: Every 3 months, 6 months, and annually
  • Number of items in box: 3 or more items
  • Additional items: Rewards points and dollars off future purchases


  • Products connected to a good cause, providing fair wages to artisans
  • Subscribers save between 30 and 70 percent
  • Rewards program collects points that help toward future purchases
  • Customer service is available 24/7


  • No automatic monthly plan

Best for Hobbyists

The Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes Option: The Plant Club

Recent studies have shown that indoor plants improve moods and reduce stress. For those working from home, plants may help boost productivity and concentration—some even remove toxins in the air. With plants offering so many great things, consider a subscription box like The Plant Club that incorporates living greenery into the decor. More than just providing plants, this service allows the subscriber to actively participate by growing the plants.

The company includes instructions on how to grow and maintain each plant that arrives. Subscribers can choose from monthly plans, 3-month plans, 6-month plans, and annual plans. With each box, the subscriber is surprised with a new plant and a different type of growing container.

Product Specs

  • Intervals of subscriptions: Monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and annual subscriptions
  • Number of items in box: 1 plant plus extras for growing
  • Additional items: Growing instructions, potting mix, container


  • Several subscriptions intervals available
  • Stylist includes decorative containers
  • Information included on how to assemble and care for plants


  • Requires assembly

Also Consider

The Best Home Decor Subscription Box Option: Habitation

Receive stunning home decorating pieces that are neutral and on-trend with this home decor subscription box from Habitation. Choose from a regular Habitation box that includes four to six items or the Habitation Box Elite that includes seven to nine. Items may include baskets, wall art, throws, mugs, and handmade products that can refresh an interior space and create an earthy vibe to share with friends or family while entertaining.

Pricing plans vary with each type of Habitation Box, but subscribers can choose 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans. Shopping for individual products is also available. If additional help is needed, subscribers can chat with someone on the website. They can also get free design services with each subscription.

Product Specs

  • Shipment intervals: Monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and annual subscriptions
  • Number of items in box: 4 to 6 items in a small box, 7 to 9 items in a larger box
  • Additional items: Online styling guides and add-on boxes


  • Offers various subscription intervals
  • Items are available for sale separate from box subscription
  • Complimentary interior design services


  • 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans cannot be canceled

Our Verdict

While the tastes, needs, and budget vary for those subscribing to home decor boxes, Decocrated is the best overall subscription box to fulfill the needs of decor enthusiasts. It includes a product lineup of six to eight items, a straightforward ordering process, member perks, an exclusive shopping area for members, styling guides, and a competitive price for both quarterly and annual plans.

If cost is one of the most important factors, consider Renovar’s subscription box, which offers one of the most cost-effective choices among design boxes. It includes six to eight items, DIY idea cards, and bonus items all at a price substantially lower than most other subscription companies.

How We Chose the Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes

We curated a list of the best home decor subscription boxes from approximately 75 well-known subscription boxes. Most of the subscription boxes reviewed include high-quality products like bathroom accessories, food, wines, tableware, soft furnishings, and more. While some of these items may be used as home decor, we narrowed the field to those that included items that aren’t perishable.

Boxes that rank higher on the list are more aligned with items that will be displayed in the home as artwork, used as dishware or display, and function as other decorative pieces. The product ordering process for each service that made the list is relatively easy and each company provides reasonable intervals for receiving boxes of products.


Subscription boxes aren’t a new phenomenon. The industry started growing in 2010 and has spiked in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information about subscription boxes, here are answers to some of the most common questions.

Q. Who should order a home decor subscription box?

For those who are too busy to shop for home decor items or can’t find what they want when shopping for home decor products, it can be a good idea to order a home subscription box. Some subscription companies will ask questions to help determine the best curated products for each shopper’s box.

Q. How much do home decor subscription boxes cost on average?

Many home decor boxes average between $15 and $70 a month. However, many do offer discounted annual plans.

Q. How can a subscription box make my life easier?

One of the most convenient things about a subscription box is that you don’t have to go all around town looking for the perfect pieces of stylish decor for your home. Many of the home subscription companies specialize in knowing what’s trending and what items work best with specific decor. Therefore, most of the work is done for you. All you have to do is specify your particular tastes and they do the rest.

Q. What will be in my home decor subscription box?

What you get in your home decor subscription box depends on the company. Some home description boxes include items for home improvement projects like candles, artwork, throws, glassware, mugs, and a host of other home goods. How many products come in each box depends on the company, but it typically ranges between three and 10 items per shipment.

Q. Do I pay a shipping fee for a home decor subscription box?

Whether or not there is an added shipping fee depends on the company. Some companies charge standard shipping fees along with expedited shipping fees. However, there are some that don’t charge a shipping fee.