The Best Iced Tea Makers for Cool Refreshment

Tea is best when it’s fresh, and these iced tea makers will help you make yours better.

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The Best Iced Tea Maker Options


A cold, refreshing glass of iced tea on a warm day is a delightful treat—but powdered mixes can be too acidic or sweet, and the boiling/brewing/cooling routine can get old and result in tea that is too weak or too strong. Iced tea makers strike a great balance: they make less acidic tea to the user’s specifications and keep it cold and fresh in the fridge, ready to serve over ice at any moment.

While shopping for the best iced tea maker, consider the method of brewing, as well as the size and shape of the container—you need it to fit into your refrigerator and hold the appropriate amount of tea for your consumption. Also worth noting is the speed with which the maker brews and cools the tea, and how much customization of brew strength is available. Many iced tea makers feature an attractive vessel to hold the brewed tea as well, so style is another factor to keep in mind.

Our Top Picks

Considering brew speed, customization, size, and design, we rounded up the top-performing iced tea makers on the market.

The Best Iced Tea Maker Option: Ovalware 1.5-Liter Airtight Iced Tea Maker


BEST OVERALL: Ovalware Airtight Iced Tea Maker With Spout – 1.5 L

This Ovalware device doubles as a cold brew coffee and tea maker, with a lot of features beyond its seemingly simple design. The wide base of the 1.5-liter glass carafe and its rubberized seat renders this iced coffee and tea maker stable on the counter and in the fridge. Measurement marks printed on the outside of the carafe make precision pouring easier and lend the maker a certain science-lab flair. The Ovalware is marketed as a cold brew maker for coffee and tea, but the tempered glass is also safe for hot brewing.

A stainless steel laser-perforated filter tube attaches to an airtight, silicone-sealed cap and runs down the center length of the carafe. Loose tea and tea bags are equally effective when placed in the tube for brewing, which can be removed once the user feels the desired strength has been reached. The Ovalware carafe is made to be fridge-shelf height so it will fit easily into most refrigerators, and the airtight seal keeps tea and coffee fresh for up to a month.

The Best Iced Tea Maker Option: Brew To A Tea 1.5-Quart Iced Tea Maker


BEST COMPACT: Brew To A Tea 1.5-Quart Iced Tea Maker

At merely 3.7 inches in diameter, the 1.5-quart Brew To A Tea Airtight Cold Brew Iced Tea Maker will tuck neatly into a refrigerator door and remain upright, saving space and reducing spills. The slender glass body keeps more of the tea in contact with the cold borosilicate glass, which means the tea will stay cold and fresh for longer. An airtight lid enhances and extends the tea’s freshness.

The Brew To A Tea features a 18/8 stainless steel dual-mesh filter that keeps tiny tea leaves from escaping into your drink and allows it to function as a cold brewer. Since the glass is tempered, it’s safe to brew hot coffees and teas as well. Great performance and a compact footprint make this Tea Maker ideal for smaller kitchens or anywhere that space is limited.

The Best Iced Tea Maker Option: Brew To A Tea 4-Quart Iced Tea Maker


BEST LARGE SIZE: Brew To A Tea 4-Quart Iced Tea Maker

For tea drinkers who need to brew larger quantities at once, the Brew To A Tea 1-Gallon Iced Tea Maker is a great option. This maker consists of a large glass mason jar with a stainless steel lid and a dispensing spigot. A stainless steel infuser attaches to the lid and is micro-perforated to contain loose tea leaves, tea bags, or coffee, which can be left in the jar to brew for up to 24 hours, then removed and the jar resealed. The tempered glass can also be used for hot brewing tea or coffee, then chilled.

The lid on this Brew To A Tea model prevents air from getting into the jar and oxidizing the tea for fresher and more flavorful brew, allowing just enough airflow to prevent a vacuum effect when the spigot is used to dispense. The wide-mouthed mason jar is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. If iced tea is your preferred beverage, this 1-gallon dispenser will have you enjoying fresh tea for days.

The Best Iced Tea Maker Option: Takeya Iced Tea Maker with Flash Chill Technology


MOST INNOVATIVE: Takeya Iced Tea Maker with Flash Chill Technology

The Takeya Iced Tea Maker uses patented Fast Chill technology to turn freshly-brewed hot tea into refreshing iced tea in just a few minutes. A mesh infuser screws into the lid, filled with your favorite loose or bagged tea. Fill the 2-quart plastic base with boiling water, replace the lid and infuser, and brew the tea to your desired strength. Remove the infuser, top off with ice, seal the leak-proof lid, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Your tea is ready!

The Takeya tea maker can also be used to cold brew tea or coffee if that’s your preference, but the Fast Chill technology means thirsty tea makers don’t have to wait overnight for a cold brew to be ready. The Takeya’s full-seal lid allows the tea maker to be stored on its side in the refrigerator for convenient space-saving. A handy cup holds the infuser when it’s removed to prevent drips and protects it when not in use. The Takeya Iced Tea Maker produces eight glasses of tea per batch—ideal when unexpected guests arrive.