The Best Jewelry Organizers and Stands for Your Collection

Keep your collection of necklaces and bracelets on display and organized with a quality jewelry stand.

By Ana Chevalier | Updated Feb 23, 2021 11:38 AM

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The Best Jewelry Organizer Options


There are several options to choose from when it comes to storing and displaying your jewelry. You could opt for a classic jewelry box, create a DIY jewelry stand, or purchase a jewelry organizer. Unlike the traditional jewelry box, a jewelry organizer gives you the chance to separate your accessories in an organized way that’ll prevent your necklaces from tangling or your earrings from going missing. Some organizers are even designed to look like a part of your decor.

The only problem? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of jewelry organizers out there to choose from, so finding the perfect one can become a bit tricky, especially if you’re unsure of what to look for. Fortunately for you, the tedious research to find the best jewelry organizers on the market has already been done.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet with Full-Length Mirror
  2. RUNNER UP: BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer
  3. BEST UPGRADE: Hives and Honey Robyn Jewelry Armoire
  4. BEST ORGANIZER TREE: MyGift 12 Hook Jewelry Organizer Tree Rack Stand
  5. BEST HANGING: MISSLO Dual sided Hanging Jewelry Organizer
  6. BEST FOR TRAVEL: ProCase Travel Jewelry Case Organizer Bag
The Best Jewelry Organizer Options


Shopping Considerations for Choosing The Best Jewelry Organizer

When looking to purchase a new jewelry organizer, there are a few things you should take into consideration. For instance, where would you like to store your valuables? In your bedroom may make sense, but where exactly? Will they be easily accessible or tucked away? You should also consider the size of the stand or container, its capacity, and what sort of materials would best suit your decor while keeping the jewelry safe and undamaged. To help you out, each shopping consideration is outlined below. Here’s what you should keep in mind to find the best jewelry organizer.


The size of jewelry organizers can vary. The number of items you currently have—and the number of items you still intend on buying—should dictate whether you’ll need a large or a small organizer. If you have only a few pieces of jewelry and aren’t planning on buying more in the near future, a pencil case-size box will do the trick. From there, the sky’s the limit.

Vanity or dresser-top models, for example, could consist of multiple trays, dishes, or even include a mannequin arm that holds pieces aloft. Both wall-mounted and freestanding cabinets could be as tall as 5 feet and 18 to 24 inches wide. Even larger designs, sometimes referred to as armoires, have multiple drawers and are about 40 inches high.


Every organizer should have enough capacity to store the jewelry you currently own as well as allow you to expand your collection as time goes on. The type of jewelry you like should also be considered. If you like large statement necklaces, then the delicate hanging tree that sits on your dresser might fall short.

If you choose an organizer design with additional storage space, you can also use those compartments for other items such as lipstick, polish, or hair accessories. Then, as your jewelry collection expands, those items can be stored elsewhere.

Design and Material

Jewelry organizers come in a variety of forms, including boxes, stands, cabinets, hangers, and armoires. Usually, these organizers are lined with a plush material to keep your jewelry free from moisture. The design and material you choose will ultimately depend on the type of jewelry you have, be it vintage jewels, antique heirlooms, expensive diamonds, or costume jewelry. Also consider where you intend to store it—the bathroom, bedroom, closet, or elsewhere—as each organizer is designed with a specific purpose in mind.

If you’re planning a weekend trip, for example, you may opt for a small and easily portable box with a few earring holders or a single necklace slot. If you’re planning on showing off your collection, you may want an organizer that’s fit to hold accessories that dangle. The scenarios and options are endless, but the main goal is to keep your gems and baubles safe, tangle-free, and scratch-free.

Security Features

Fine jewelry should be kept in a safe, dimly lit location, as a number of stones can become damaged by direct sunlight. If you have pets, children, or even roommates, you may want to consider finding an organizer with a lock. This will not only prevent theft, but it’ll also keep little hands (and little mouths) from getting ahold of or possibly swallowing your valuables.

Not all fine jewelry needs to be locked away, however. Consider dedicating a place on your nightstand or dresser to special items, like your favorite diamond studs or your engagement ring. A good habit is to put your jewelry away in the same spot each night, making it less likely to get lost.

Our Top Picks

With so many variables to keep in mind, sometimes it’s nice to have an example. To aid you in your search for the best jewelry organizer you can buy, take a look at this list of organizers that’ll help keep your valuables safe, organized, and easily accessible.

Best Overall

The Best Jewelry Organizer Option: Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet with Full-Length Mirror

From Nicetree, this is a full-length mirror and a jewelry cabinet, allowing you to swap and compare looks with ease. Measuring 42.5 by 15.56 by 3.74 inches, its simple, clean design makes it a perfect decorative addition to any bedroom. You can also adjust the angle and height of the Nicetree organizer.

The cabinet itself has the capacity to store several pieces of jewelry and accessories in one place under lock and key, keeping them safe from curious pets and children. The design features 24 necklace hooks, 78 ring grooves, 36 earring slots, 108 stud earring holes, two bracelet rods, four shelves, three makeup tool cups, and two bottom drawers. The cabinet portion comes preassembled with only the legs to be attached.

Runner Up

The Best Jewelry Organizer Option: BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer

A straightforward jewelry organizer with a hanging design, the BB Brotrade includes 80 pockets (40 on each side) for storing almost any kind of jewelry in your closet or wardrobe. Keeping your jewelry organizer in the closet or wardrobe is an easy way to keep nosy or curious little hands or paws from raiding your belongings. The BB Brotrade also works by hanging on the back of any standard-size door, if you’re unable to store it in your closet.

Made of nonwoven fabric, this organizer measures 16.5 inches by 31 inches. Each pocket has a transparent PVC window, allowing you to easily view and choose each item while protecting it at the same time. If you’re on a budget and focused on functionality, this organizer may be the best choice for you and your jewelry collection.

Best Upgrade

The Best Jewelry Organizer Option: Hives and Honey Robyn Jewelry Armoire

With this jewelry armoire from Hives and Honey, you’ll never again have to deny yourself a new piece of jewelry. Even the most considerable jewelry collection will feel right at home inside this eight-drawer cabinet, which features a locking lid and side storage compartments. It can be used to store necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, or anything else you want to keep safe and sound.

The top opens to a vanity mirror, which is ideal for those who want a last look before heading out the door. With a curved front, a streamlined design, and stunning bronze hardware, this piece has the look and feel of an expensive family heirloom.

Best Organizer Tree

The Best Jewelry Organizer Option: MyGift Vintage Style Whitewashed Metal 12 Hook

This jewelry organizer features an elegant French country-inspired design of two tiers and a total of 12 hooks to hold and display your best treasures. Each elegantly tapered arm conveniently and securely stores and displays necklaces, while the dish tray, reminiscent of a neoclassical style, is designed to hold rings, earrings, and more.

The approximate dimensions are 11 inches by 15 inches. The only downside? This vintage-style piece lacks security features. Even so, it’s perfect if you’re looking for an organizer that doubles as a display with easy access.

Best Hanging

The Best Jewelry Organizer Option: MISSLO Dual sided Hanging Jewelry Organizer

The practical “dress” of the MISSLO organizer gives it graceful appearance. The organizer includes 40 roomy pockets and 24 hooks and loops for jewelry storage. The pockets are designed for medium accessories such as earrings, rings, and chains, and the loops are for hanging longer necklaces to avoid entanglement.

Reinforced seams should hold your valuables secure, while the transparent PVC pockets make it convenient to see what’s in each compartment. Nail polish, hair accessories, or USB cables could also be stored here if you have extra spaces. The MISSLO hangs easily in your closet, wardrobe, or on the back of the bathroom or bedroom door. It could also be rolled up and taken with you on a vacation or cruise.

Best for Travel

Best Jewelry Box

The ProCase is ideal for storing and protecting your jewelry when you’re traveling for work or while you’re on vacation. Double-layer compartments provide ample room for several pieces. Each bag has a top compartment with four straps with snaps, bottom pockets for necklaces or chains, three ring rows, one earring carrier strap, and one removable earrings panel for holding up to 16 pairs of earrings. There’s also one hidden, clear zipper pocket for larger earrings.

Measuring 9.1 inches by 6.7 inches by 2.8 inches, the organizer is compact, lightweight, and could easily fit into a carry-on or purse. A well-padded, soft interior and durable polyester exterior offer excellent protection. The sturdy handles enable convenient portability, and wide-opening double zippers offer easy access when you reach your destination.

FAQs About Jewelry Organizers

After reading through this guide, you may still have questions. We searched for some of the most common queries on the web and arranged the answers to those questions out for you here.

Q. What is the best material for jewelry organizers?

All-natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and wool are the best materials because they’re free of harmful chemicals. Velvet from silk, rayon, or cotton (velveteen) are good examples.

Q. What size jewelry organizer do I need?

Look for jewelry boxes and organizers with enough compartments or space to prevent your jewelry from becoming entangled.

Q. How long do jewelry organizers last?

With some basic care and cleaning, any organizer should last several years or longer if it’s made with sturdy, finished wood.