The Best Kitchen Knife Sets for Cooking

These sets of knives will have you prepping food like a pro, storing away safely when mealtime is over.

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The Best Kitchen Knife Set Options


A well-balanced kitchen knife feels great in your hand and will last for years. The best kitchen knife set provides effective blades to chop, cut, dice, and peel food with greater precision and less effort. With the right knives, food preparation ceases to be a chore, and recipes turn out better than ever.

When investing in a new set of kitchen knives, there are a handful of shopping factors to keep in mind. Your buying decision should take into account which kinds of knives come in the collection, the material and design of the knives and their handles, extra features such as kitchen shears and a knife sharpener, as well as your budget.

Our Top Picks

Guided by these essential shopping considerations, we researched the best kitchen knife sets available online. You’ll find a collection suited to your cooking needs that’ll get you started on a more enjoyable and productive cooking experience.

The Best Kitchen Knife Set Option: J.A. Henckels International Kitchen Knife Set


BEST OVERALL: J.A. Henckels International Kitchen Knife Set

This impressive 15-piece knife set comes with a hardwood knife block in classic light or dark brown. As a whole, this collection is suitable for a range of cooking tasks that includes a 3-inch paring knife, 5-inch serrated utility knife, and 7-inch santoku knife with a hollow edge and indentations to stop food sticking. The J.A. Henckels set also features an 8-inch chef’s knife (for herbs and onions), an 8-inch bread knife (for cleanly slicing crusty sourdough bread), and a steak knife. Finally, this set comes with additional tools: sharpening steel and a set of kitchen shears. Each knife is made from a single piece of durable stainless steel—lightweight,  dishwasher safe, and resistant to rust. All knives in the set have a full tang for excellent maneuverability and satin-finished blades, giving you precise cuts and sharpness that lasts. The traditional triple-rivet handles are curved for comfort and have end caps for a balanced feel.

The Best Kitchen Knife Set Option: Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set


HONORABLE MENTION: Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Knife Set

The Calphalon knife collection comes in a handsome wooden block with storing and sharpening functions. The block has built-in ceramic sharpeners, automatically sharpening the knives every time you transfer them in and out of the block—this highly useful feature keeps your knives ready to go at any time and saves you the hassle of buying a sharpener. The set includes a 6-inch utility knife, a 6-inch serrated utility knife, an 8-inch chef’s knife, kitchen shears, and eight steak knives. These Calphalon blades contain high-carbon steel resistant to staining and rust, with a full tang design providing superb balance and strength. Their handles are thoughtfully labeled so that you can quickly tell which blade is which, triple-riveted and contoured for a secure grip.

The Best Kitchen Knife Set Option: Emojoy Kitchen Knife Set 15-Piece


BEST DESIGN: Emojoy Kitchen Knife Set 15-Piece

The 15-piece Emojoy set features in an attractive block with wood grain that looks even better as it ages. All the blades have ergonomic Pakkawood handles, giving them a timeless appeal. The blades contained in the set are made from high-carbon stainless steel for precision cutting. Within the set, you will get an 8-inch chef knife, an 8-inch santoku knife, and a set of steak knives. These Emojoy knives are valued for their edge retention, and resistance to corrosion and stains. The ergonomic Pakkawood handles have a smooth, sturdy bolster for stability and control. This collection also comes with kitchen scissors and a knife sharpener. These are suitable for amateur and professional use but are not dishwasher safe.

The Best Kitchen Knife Set Option: Cuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set


BEST FOR PRECISION: Cuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set

Certain recipes require meticulous cutting to create the best dish. The accuracy produced by the Cuisinart collection comes from its high-carbon stainless steel knives. This block set includes an 8-inch chef knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 5.5-inch serrated utility knife and a 3.5-inch paring knife. The collection also includes six 4.5-inch steak knives that are hot-forged, easy to clean, and attractive on the table. An 8-inch sharpening steel and household shears finish off the set. These precision-tapered blades are highly sharp with an exceptional edge. The blade handles in this collection are ergonomically designed, providing comfort while assisting proper handling and accurate cuts.

The Best Kitchen Knife Set Option: Cuisinart 12 Piece Color Knife Set with Blade Guards


BEST VALUE: Cuisinart 12 Piece Color Knife Set with Blade Guards

This Cuisinart set prioritizes your safety in multiple ways with its colorful handles: the color-coded knives prevent accidental cuts when stored in kitchen drawers, doubling as a system to separate blades used for raw and cooked food. Each knife has a nonstick coating, making slicing incredibly easy. The set features an 8-inch chef knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 8-inch serrated bread knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 6.5-inch utility knife, and 3.5-inch paring knife. In combination, the 12 knives can tackle a range of cutting tasks, providing versatility at a reasonable price.