The Best Knife Rolls for Storage and Travel

Protect your high-end knives at home and on the road in these beautifully crafted, long-lasting cases.

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The Best Knife Roll Options


High quality chef’s knives and tools can be a significant investment. Students in culinary schools will quickly learn that protecting that investment with a proper storage case is worthwhile: a good roll or bag will keep knives sharper and prevent tools from clanging against each other in a box, canister, or drawer. Generally the purview of chefs who carry their own tools to work with them, these bags and cases are worth the attention of many home cooks, too—they can save drawer space and offer a designated safe space for your higher-end equipment in the home.

Cases for chef’s tools come in two basic formats: rolls and bags. Rolls are generally a flat piece of leather or canvas with individual slots or pockets for knives and other tools. The leather or canvas rolls up into a tube and fastens closed for easy transport, either inside another bag or over the shoulder. These have the benefit of being compact to carry and when unrolled present the cook with the full array of tools at a glance. Bags also have individual slots for knives and tools, but add more space for additional accessories and have a harder, bulkier shell.

Our Top Picks

The best knife roll will match your travel or storage plans, the material and capacity you prefer, and your budget. We combed the market to assemble these top-performing recommendations.

Best Overall

The Best Knife Roll Option: Aaron Leather Goods Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag

Handcrafted in Spain from sturdy bull calf leather, with high-quality stitching and two secure, vintage-style buckles for ultimate safety, the Mr. Mission Possible by Aaron Leather Goods is extraordinarily practical and beautiful. This handsome roll stores 10 kitchen knives up to 18 inches in length, features four additional slots for medium knives and tools, and has elasticised pockets and a mesh pouch for other cook’s tools and accessories such as soccors, knife sharpening stones. The knife pockets themselves are stretchy to firmly hold the knives, but the expansion also makes the roll more versatile: each pocket is also capable of holding poons, spatulas, and other tools. The bag has exterior buckles, a handle, and a shoulder strap for easy travel, but unrolls flat on the counter so the cook can view everything at once and select the needed tool easily. The bag is available in a number of beautiful natural leather colors so the chef can express their personality with the selection. Offered at an astonishingly low price for such high-quality leather, the Aaron Leather Goods Mr. Mission Possible is an outstanding choice.

Runner Up

The Best Knife Roll Option: Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag Carrying Case

Everpride’s Chef Knife Roll Bag Carrying Case is a beautifully crafted synthetic leather bag with an interior flap to protect the knives while in transit. The chestnut-colored synthetic leather is designed to be as tough as natural leather while being stain resistant, and is gentler on the knife handles than nylon or canvas. The Everpride carrying case holds 10 western or Japanese-style knives up to 18 inches long and has several small slots for pens and other necessary accessories, then rolls tightly into a firm package secured with buckles. A comfortable carry handle and shoulder strap make the Everpride knife roll easy to transport.

Best Professional

The Best Knife Roll Option: Noble Home & Chef Chef Knife Bag 21+ Slots

Made of strong ballistic nylon and leather accents plus padded for extra protection, this Noble Home & Chef model offers high security. It’s extremely spacious, containing 20 slots for kitchen knives plus a meat cleaver sleeve, a zippered tool pouch, and a tablet or notebook pouch—yet this bag maintains a surprisingly low profile. To protect your expensive tools from theft, the bag has an interlocking metal zipper and a 3-digit customizable padlock. The ballistic nylon exterior features leather accents and contains no graphics indicating the bag’s contents, further protecting your tools. When unzipped, the Noble Home and Chef knife bag opens a full 180 degrees to splay your tools out flat for selection. A handle and crossbody backpack strap make the bag easy to carry. Offering large capacity and thoughtful security in a neat package, this Noble Home & Chef knife bag is ideal for professionals and practical for the home cook as well.

Best Light-Duty

The Best Knife Roll Option: Noble Home & Chef Chef’s Knife Roll Bag 14 Slots

The Noble Home & Chef Chef’s Knife Roll Bag contains 14 slots for knives and a sleeve designed to accommodate a meat cleaver, plus a bit of space for additional tools and tasting spoons. Made of 600 denier canvas, this roll is extremely sturdy yet affordable. The roll can hold knives up to 18 inches long. A tough canvas cover flap and strong metal zippers keep the contents secure, and a handle and removable shoulder strap make for easy carrying. A dedicated exterior pocket for an address label or business card allows the user to identify their tools without opening the roll. Smaller and lighter weight than many rolls on the market, the Noble Home & Chef Chef’s Knife Roll Bag will more than adequately protect your investment on the go.

Best Heavy-Duty

The Best Knife Roll Option: Dalstrong Nomad Knife Roll

If you’re looking for a seriously tough-wearing case to protect your knives, the Dalstrong Nomad Knife Roll is a worthy option. Made of heavy-duty hard waxed canvas with 100% full-grain Brazilian leather straps and accents, the Nomad will last for years. Naturally water- and dirt-repellent, the roll contains 10 pockets to hold knives up to 15 inches long, three small pockets for pens, an interior zipper pocket for small items, and a quick-access rear pocket for notebooks. Another heavy-duty waxed canvas cover folds down over the tools for additional safeguarding. The case rolls up and fastens with military-grade buckles and custom Dalstrong zipper pull tabs and fasteners. Every seam is double-stitched and finished for durability. The Dalstrong roll can be carried by the attached leather handle or the removable heavy webbed shoulder strap.

Best Small Capacity

The Best Knife Roll Option: Noble Home & Chef Chef Knife Roll Bag 6 Slots

For chefs who only need to pack a few knives or tools, the Noble Home & Chef’s 6 pocket knife roll bag fits the bill. Constructed from 600 denier canvas and padded for extra protection, this bag should be able to withstand many years of use and abuse with no problems. Five elasticized pockets accommodate knives up to 18-inches long. The case includes a protected slot for a sharpening steel—a great addition to a quality case, because protecting the steel keeps it from bumping against the knives inside the bag and ruining their carefully honed edges. Three small slots hold pens or smaller tools, and a canvas cover flap protects the knives from each other during travel. A zipper secures this smaller bag closed, while a handle or shoulder strap make it easy to take on the road.

Best Large Capacity

The Best Knife Roll Option: Everpride Chef Knife Bag

Everpride offers this bag for chefs who need to take their whole show on the road. Perfect for caterers or chefs who simply prefer to have all of their equipment at hand, this Everpride boasts considerable space. The 600 denier polyester bag, available in black or brown, has three separate sections. Two feature 10 knife slots each that can hold knives up to a whopping 20.5 inches long. The third compartment is a deep zipper pocket with three additional internal zippered divisions for spoons, spatulas, whisks, scissors, smaller knives, or whatever the cook needs. The layout allows cooks to see all of the tools in storage and extract them easily. This Everpride bag has a strong carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy toting.