The Best Knife Storage for Kitchens

Organize and safely stow away your blades with these useful knife storage options.

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The Best Knife Storage Options


If you’re the kind of person who takes a real interest in cooking, you’ll likely have a fantastic set of knives to create incredible meals at home. The best knife storage maintains the sharpness of kitchen knives while securing them safely when not in use. There are various designs on the market, from magnetic strips to knife blocks to in-drawer solutions, and one may accommodate your cooking needs better than others.

Before choosing knife storage, keep in mind how much space you have, the types of knives you commonly use, and your design preference. We’ve done a round up of the top-performing knife storage options available.

Our Top Picks

These knife storage recommendations will preserve the edges of your blades and store them safely—consider one of these options for your kitchen.

The Best Knife Storage Option: Wusthof 17-Slot Acacia Knife Block


1. BEST OVERALL: Wusthof 17-Slot Acacia Knife Block

This Wusthof knife block is built from tasteful acacia wood and would be a stylish addition to any kitchen. This eco-friendly material is resistant to bacteria, offering clean storage for your blades. This sturdy acacia block holds up to a 17-piece knife set and can meet the needs of the everyday cook. Extra-wide slots ensure that your blades won’t find themselves dulling on the sides as you replace and remove them. This Wusthof model can fit blades as long as 12 inches, with the angled knife back providing fast access to the blades.

The Best Knife Storage Option: Henckels 20-Slot Super Knife Storage Block


2. BEST LARGE CAPACITY: Henckels 20-Slot Super Knife Storage Block

A generously-sized knife block, this Henckels knife storage is an excellent choice for those who want every option catered for and plenty of room to do so. Make sure you have enough kitchen space dedicated to this spacious storage block. Its 20 slots can accommodate a variety of knife sizes, from steak knives to 8 inch cleavers. The vertical design of the Henkels keeps pressure off fine blade edges and the rubber feet to prevent slippage. The hardwood construction is simplistic to complement modern and traditional kitchens alike, while the extra weight ensures complete stability during use.

The Best Knife Storage Option: Hiware Stainless Steel Universal Knife Block


3. BEST FOR SMALL KITCHENS: Hiware Stainless Steel Universal Knife Block

This Hiware knife storage features a polished, durable stainless steel case to complement modern kitchens. The food-grade plastic slots can accommodate up to 12 knives, with a removable bottom for easy cleaning. Their unique bilayer construction grips the knives without damaging the blades, allowing for a smaller footprint compared to wide slots. The wave design of the plastic enables the slots to accommodate knives of almost any size or shape. The cherry on top here is the lifetime guarantee—if you aren’t pleased with your purchase, let Hiware know, and they will offer a replacement or a refund.

The Best Knife Storage Option: Modern Innovations 10 Inch Magnetic Knife Bar


4. BEST MAGNETIC BAR: Modern Innovations 10 Inch Magnetic Knife Bar

This sleek wall-mounted magnetic knife holder is both heavy duty and sleek, making for reliable storage and an attractive display. You can use the magnetic bar to organize multiple utensils in your kitchen, too, as anything made from a magnetic metal will attach. A flawless stainless-steel finish covers the powerful neodymium magnet, making the magnetic knife holder safe to use regularly with your kitchen utensils—this Modern Innovations knife bar won’t come crashing to the floor. The magnetic strip is straightforward to install: the product comes with mounting hardware and instructions so that you can start using it right away.

The Best Knife Storage Option: Shenzhen Knives Large In-Drawer Knife Block


5. BEST IN-DRAWER: Shenzhen Knives Large In-Drawer Knife Block

If you find that most in-drawer knife blocks don’t have the depth you require for your blades, this option from Shenzhen Knives could be a fantastic alternative for you. With a greater depth of two inches, you can fit up to 15 knives, depending on handle size. Crafted from sustainable, antimicrobial bamboo, the knife holder is elegant and easy to clean. This Shenzhen Knives model features angled, extra wide slots for convenient handling and it’s extra long, meaning your boning or bread knives can easily fit.

The Best Knife Storage Option: Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block


6. HONORABLE MENTION: Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

Keep a wide range of knives in mint condition with this Nobel Home & Chef storage block. Made from high-quality bamboo wood, this block is a little wider than some other options but fits 99% of all standard kitchen drawers due to its compact depth. The carved nooks are perfect for securely holding and safely retrieving your knives, and there’s even a space for a knife sharpener. Even if you slam the drawer closed, you don’t have to worry about blades shooting out the back of your knife block or jamming your drawer.