The Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online

Go ahead and shop online for your next mattress. You will save cash and you’ll also get the quality and comfort you need for a great night’s sleep.

By Mark Wolfe | Updated Aug 19, 2020 9:39 AM

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The Best Attresses Prime Option


Quality rest links closely to good health and overall well-being. Rest is an important factor in maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure, along with improving concentration, productivity, and even for preventing depression. It’s hard to overestimate the value of a good night’s sleep, and your mattress is a major contributor to sleep quality.

A good mattress typically lasts between eight and 15 years. When the time comes to buy a new one, it’s best to do so promptly to avoid unwanted risks to your rest and health. Some telltale signs that it’s time to replace your old mattress include noticeable sagging or damage to the mattress, noise (creaky inner springs), difficulty sleeping comfortably, or consistently waking up with muscle or joint stiffness. An old mattress also can contribute to allergies and trigger asthma.

Buying a mattress online is an excellent way to save money. While brick and mortar retailers often charge more just to cover the operating expenses of their showrooms, online retailers offer the same great quality as the showroom without the overhead. If you are ready for a bedroom upgrade, read on for some of the best mattresses that will deliver to your door.

Our Top Picks

Be sure to have your personal wish list on hand while shopping online so you can consider all the options and get the most from your mattress purchase. If you’re looking for a new mattress, check out these picks, by category, of some of the best mattresses available.

Best Overall

The Best Attresses Prime Option: Signature Design by Ashley 12 Inch Hybrid Innerspring

The Signature by Ashley Furniture 12 Inch Hybrid Innerspring mattress provides numerous features for a good night’s sleep. This hybrid innerspring and foam mattress delivers the support of a traditional coil mattress that contours to the body, along with added firmness and support from layers of high-density foam and gel memory foam. Gel memory foam adds excellent cushion and support for the lower back and other pressure points. This hybrid mattress is made from hypoallergenic materials that keep out dust mites and pollen.

The mattress arrives compressed and boxed. Just bring it into the bedroom, carefully remove the plastic, and unroll. It is safe and ready to sleep on immediately. However, it might take up to 48 hours to fully decompress and 72 hours until any residual factory odor dissipates.

After opening, this mattress requires little maintenance and is a no-flip mattress. Using a thin mattress protector to allow airflow and to dissipate heat, can protect its surface. The only regular cleaning needed is occasional vacuuming. Stains can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Best Hybrid

The Best Attresses Prime Option: Sunrising Bedding 10 Inch Natural Latex Hybrid

The Sunrise Bedding 10-Inch Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress is constructed with a base layer of 852 premium pocket coils that work independently to isolate motion. Three layers of conforming foam materials create a medium level of cushion and conform closely to the body to alleviate pressure points and align the spine. Advanced Air memory foam and gel memory foam layers promote air circulation to remove excess body heat and promote cooling.

The natural latex layer is made with Talalay latex technology. Natural latex does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, naphthalene, or any other toxins that other memory foams can harbor. However, those with sensitivity to latex should avoid this choice.

This mattress includes a 120-night trial, with a full refund policy. It also includes an outstanding 20-year warranty.

Best Memory Foam

The Best Attresses Prime Option: Ashley Furniture Signature Design 12” Memory Foam

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design 12” Memory Foam Mattress offers layers of memory foam for firm support and pressure relief with a firm feel. The support foam core reduces motion transfer for a restful, undisturbed sleep. A stretch-knit cover promotes breathability to help reduce body heat buildup. This mattress is made of hypoallergenic materials to keep dust mites, pollen, mold, and pet dander out.

A firm mattress like this one makes an excellent choice for stomach sleepers and heavier folks. Though most sleepers should love the feel of this mattress, some might consider it too hard.

Best Plush

The Best Attresses Prime Option: AmazonBasics 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The AmazonBasics 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress features three foam layers for optimal support and cushioning. A plush memory foam layer adapts to the shape of the body and comfortably conforms to different sleep positions. The middle, soft foam layer has breathable air holes that help air to circulate within the mattress. A hard foam bottom layer provides durability, stability, and enhanced body support.

This mattress requires a firm foundation like a platform. Though most types of sleepers will find a plush mattress like this comfortable, some might consider it to be too soft.

Best Cooling

The Best Attresses Prime Option: Sealy 12-Inch Hybrid Bed in a Box with CopperChill

The Sealy 12-Inch Hybrid Bed in a Box with CopperChill offers the best of both worlds with a combination of fabric-encased coils and memory foam. CopperChill fused memory foam can significantly reduce body heat buildup to provide a cooler, more comfortable sleep. A reinforced coil border around the perimeter of the mattress effectively increases its sleeping area, increases overall durability, and provides better support when sitting up to get out of bed in the morning.

This mattress is rated for medium comfort, which is generally recommended for side, back, and combination sleepers. Some sleepers might find this mattress is too soft for their comfort.

Best for Back Pain

The Best Attresses Prime Option: Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress offers three zones of targeted support for proper spinal alignment. Soft foam around the shoulders brings more relief to the upper body. Firm foam under the hips, waist, and lower back helps align the spine. A layer of perforated, breathable foam increases airflow to reduce the buildup of body heat for better overnight comfort. This hybrid mattress has a resilient spring base that adds lift, support, and increased airflow through the mattress. It comes with a 100-night trial and free return policy.

The Casper offers a good balance of innerspring support and foam contouring that can help decrease pressure and align the spine for a more comfortable sleep. Some sleepers might find it a bit softer than desired.

Best For Stomach Sleepers

The Best Attresses Prime Option: Sealy Response Performance 12-Inch Tight Top

Stomach sleepers need firm support to maintain proper spinal alignment during sleep. The Sealy Response Performance 12-Inch Tight Top Mattress offers plenty. The response coil system provides a balance of comfort and deep-down support. Posturepedic Technology delivers reinforced support under the heaviest part of the body where it is most needed. A reinforced foam border around the mattress edge adds to the usable sleep surface and provides a firm foundation for sitting on the edge of the bed while getting up in the morning. In addition, sleepers get two layers of foam that add contouring and cushion for outstanding comfort.

This is an innerspring mattress. It provides a feeling of sleeping “on” rather than “in” the mattress. It is bulkier in shipping than some competitors’ products but doesn’t require decompression time before use.

Best For Side Sleepers

The Best Attresses Prime Option: Classic Brands Cool 1.0 Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch

Classic Brands Cool Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress features premium pressure-relieving memory foam and high-density aerated cool gel memory foam. Together, they provide the essential support and deep comfort that side sleepers need. Gel-infused ventilated memory foam creates a plush, cool, comfortable sleeping surface. High-density foam relieves pressure points and conforms to body shape to provide excellent support.

Hypoallergenic materials in the Classic Brands mattress resist allergens, mold, and bacteria. It comes with a 10-year warranty. This mattress might be too firm or too soft for some sleepers, but can be a good choice for side sleepers.

Best for Back Sleepers

The Best Attresses Prime Option: Nod by Tuft & Needle, Adaptive Foam 8-Inch Mattress

Back sleepers enjoy the benefits of the adaptive foam in the Nod by Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam 8-Inch Mattress. The high-quality foam offers the benefits of latex and memory foam without the sleeper sinking or getting too hot. The foam materials balance softness and support with localized bounce. This is a value pick for outstanding quality at an accessible price. The mattress Includes a 100-night sleep trial period and a 10-year warranty.

A plus of Tuft & Needle’s adaptive foam is that the mattress doesn’t bottom out, even at only 8 inches thick. It should provide consistent support from top to bottom. This feeling is not “mushy,” like some buyers perceive as the feel of other memory-foam mattresses. In addition, the mattress does a good job of dissipating body heat. Its “new foam mattress” smell might linger a bit too long, but eventually fades.

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Attresses Prime Option: Signature Sleep 13" Hybrid Coil Mattress

The Signature Sleep 13-Inch Hybrid Coil Mattress offers generous support from the bottom up. Ten inches of independently encased coils provide excellent weight distribution and motion isolation. The coil layer also contours to the curves of the body, alleviating pressure points. The 3-zone foam pillow top provides soft support for the upper and lower body, and a firmer center zone to support the waist, hips, and lower back.

It can take a couple of days for the 3-inch foam pillow top to fully decompress after shipping. Some sleepers might feel the mattress is too soft or lacks edge support. Still, it is a good value and low in chemicals for an environmentally- and budget-friendly, versatile mattress pick.