The Best Mug Warmers for Home, Work, and Travel

Keep your beverage piping hot all day with these useful helpers.

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The Best Mug Warmer Options


If you find yourself making delicious cups of coffee, only to be distracted by calls or errands, and returning to find them stone cold—a mug warmer is a great solution. Having to reheat coffee is an unnecessary hassle. Mug warmers can save you from cold coffee and lost time, and in some cases, charge your phone and make your room smell delicious.

Most mug warmers are flat coasters that heat from the bottom, but some include precision technology to control the temperature of your coffee. Others work hand-in-hand with a coordinating mug to ensure the whole cup stays at your desired temperature. We’ve combed the market to find some of the best mug warmer options for your busy day.

Our Top Picks

Mug warmers range across the board in terms of style, capacity, and additional features—choose the device that will serve you best among our quality recommendations.

Best Overall

The Best Mug Warmer Option: Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set

Cosori offers a Mug Warmer & Mug Set with one of the widest temperature ranges on the market. The food-grade stainless steel mug features a ring of black nubbed easy-grip material around the middle to prevent burns and spills, so it’s a practical choice. The warming pad features an LED screen allowing users to choose any temperature between 77 and 230 degrees Fahrenheit, for beverage temperatures of 77 to 158 degrees.

The Cosori features a PI heating film instead of a traditional electrical coil for stable, consistent heating. The large 17-ounce mug includes a cap to preserve heat and reduce spills, but in the event that a spill occurs, the plate is water-resistant, so no damage will occur. The Cosori can also be used with your own mug. For best thermal transfer the Cosori mug is recommended, and additional mugs are available for purchase separately.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Mug Warmer Option: Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Looking for a basic warmer that will keep your coffee hot without all the bells and whistles? The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer does just that, with a few extra convenience features and a low price. The coaster-style warmer features 17 watts of power from an extra-long 5-foot power cord, allowing the Mr. Coffee to be moved to the most convenient spot on your desk or table.

This mug warmer has an easy manual on/off switch with a convenient red light to remind you when it’s on, reducing the likelihood that you’ll walk away and accidentally leave it on. The heating surface is 3.25 inches across, so it will work with most mugs. There’s no heat transfer to the surface underneath the warmer so users don’t need to worry about scorch marks. Effective and priced lower than the cost of a few takeout coffees, the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is an incredible value buy.

Best High-Tech

The Best Mug Warmer Option: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember’s Temperature Control Smart Mug has clean, modern lines and features a heater integrated in the mug to keep your beverage anywhere between 120 and 145 degrees Farenheit. By connecting to the Ember smartphone and smartwatch app, users can choose the precise temperature at which they’d like to drink their coffee, schedule when to begin or stop heating, and schedule reminders.

The Ember cup itself will heat for one hour on a full charge, but continuously charges when resting on the included charging coaster for all-day use. Additional charging coasters are available for purchase separately for users who need to station them in more than one location. Ideal for users who need to leave their desks periodically for meetings but still want their drink to stay hot, or parents who chase children from room to room, the Ember makes drinking hot coffee all day a reality.

Safety-Conscious Pick

The Best Mug Warmer Option: Misby Coffee Mug Warmer

The threat of forgetting to turn off a mug warmer is a valid concern, and Misby counters those fears with their Coffee Mug Warmer. The Misby doesn’t have a switch to turn it off and on: the tempered glass surface of the warmer senses that a mug has been placed on it and heats up to 131 degrees Farenheit, and when the mug has been removed, it automatically turns off—then heats right back up when the mug is replaced.

Beneath the tempered glass surface is a layer of safety insulating rubber, and the whole unit is supported by a flame-retardant, heat-resistant hard plastic shell. In other words, there’s no need to worry about scorched desktops or forgotten warmers starting a fire. The Misby warmer also includes an overheat/overcurrent automatic shutdown if the unit gets too hot. Powered by a USB cable connected to your laptop or a wall charger, the Misby can be used with the mug of your choice—the 3.5-inch heating film ring will accommodate a larger range of mugs than other warmers.

Best for Travel

The Best Mug Warmer Option: Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug

When you’re on the move, a warming mug is more suitable than a mug warmer. Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug plugs into your car’s 12-volt adaptor to heat drinks on the road. Wall adaptors are also available separately. The mug itself is double-walled stainless steel with a heat-resistant handle, designed to fit into car cup holders with its narrow bottom. The lid is highly spill-resistant but still easy to drink out of without fussing with buttons or caps.

This Tech Tools mug warmer has built-in functions to choose the exact temperature you’d like your beverage, along with several presets. The device includes an alarm that lets you know when your drink has reached the set temperature, and the current temperature of your beverage is constantly displayed on the LED screen on the side of the mug. Incredibly useful for long commutes or road trips, the Tech Tools Mug will keep your beverage at a desired temperature as long as it’s plugged in, and the insulating walls will keep it warm long after you’ve left the car.