The Best Omelette Pans for the Kitchen

Turn out beautifully browned, fluffy omelettes without tearing, flopping, or spilling using these specialized nonstick pans.

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The Best Omelette Pan Options


Omelettes are notoriously difficult to perfect. Too thick, too thin, burned, undercooked, broken—so many things can go wrong. An omelette pan helps eliminate many of these issues. There are several types of omelette pan, some resembling a small frying pan with sides that are more gently sloped. Others contain two half-round pans attached with a hinge to cook both sides of the omelette separately, then neatly flip them together. Still, others are actually two frying pans that link together to flip the eggs, ensuring that both sides of the omelette are fully cooked before folding.

Omelette pans that are oven safe can double as frittata pans for added value. Each type has benefits, but when used correctly, all of them will produce a fluffy, perfectly cooked fold of eggs and your chosen ingredients. Because the proteins in eggs cause them to stick, most omelette pans have some type of nonstick coating. That, along with the material the pan is made from and the size, are things to consider when choosing the best omelette pan for your home.

Our Top Picks

This guide narrows down the market to showcase some of the most effective, high-quality omelette pans available.

Best Overall

The Best Omelette Pan Option: Cuisinart Frittata Nonstick Pan Set

The Cuisinart Frittata Nonstick Pan Set offers maximum flexibility and performance. The set includes two 10-inch nonstick skillets with helper handles. To cook an omelette, pour the egg mixture and fillings into one pan and cook until nearly set. Then place the second pan upside down over the first, and the helper handles on the two pans interlock to form a closed area. The cook can now flip the entire sheet of eggs upside down into the second pan to cook the other side. When that side is finished, the omelette can easily be folded with a spatula, as the nonstick coating allows immediate release.

The aluminum core of the Cuisinart pans heats quickly and evenly, oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, the set can also be used for frittatas, browning both sides before finishing in the oven to set the middle. These Cuisinart pieces can be used as standard frying pans to cook pancakes or saute steak and vegetables as well. The Cuisinart Frittata Nonstick Pan Set produces great omelettes and can perform numerous other cooking tasks, containing the functionality of many kitchen tools in one.

Best Flip

The Best Omelette Pan Option: TeChef Frittata and Omelette Pan

The TeChef Frittata and Omelette Pan takes the challenge of flipping and folding out of omelette making. When open and flat, it looks like a 10.5-inch frying pan that has been split into two halves connected by hinges. After heating the pan, cooks can saute or heat any fillings they’d like to add in one half of the pan, then pour in the egg mixture and close the lid. After two minutes, cooks flip the pan over to brown the other side, then turn out a half-round omelette almost effortlessly. No flipping, folding, or breaking involved.

The TeChef is made of heavy aluminum for quick and even heating, its interior containing a new PFOA-free Teflon coating that is scratch-resistant and long-lasting. The handles are riveted for security and remain cool during cooking. For cooks who love omelettes but dislike the fidgety nature of cooking them, this TeChef pan makes things simple.

Best Traditional

The Best Omelette Pan Option: Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Omelette Pan

Calphalon’s Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Omelette Pan looks like a regular frying pan—because, for the most part, it is and can be used as such. Calphalon’s signature hard-anodized aluminum has superb heat distribution, and the pan is oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The omelette pan boasts a triple-coated, scratch-resistant nonstick interior. This makes it truly nonstick, as opposed to pans that claim nonstick capabilities yet still leave food residue behind.

The Calphalon pan is 8 inches in diameter, suitably sized for a two- or three-egg omelette. A larger pan would make a two-egg omelette too thin to flip or fold, so the 8-inch size is just right. The wall of the pan slopes away from the center, making a shallow, flat-bottomed bowl. This allows the cook to slide a spatula gently underneath the cooking omelette to flip or fold neatly onto itself for a neat half-circle, then slide the omelette out onto a plate with no tearing. Ideal for cooks who are comfortable making traditional omelettes, this pan from Calphalon makes that job a pleasure.

Best Small

The Best Omelette Pan Option: GreenPan Mini Ceramic Non-Stick Square Egg Pan

GreenPan’s ceramic nonstick pans are well-suited to omelette-making, as they transfer no flavor to the food they’re in contact with and eliminate the chances of stuck-on and burned proteins that can spoil a perfect flip. The GreenPan is just the right size to make a tiny omelette for an egg sandwich or to satisfy a smaller appetite. Measuring 5 inches square, the aluminum pan has excellent heat conduction and is coated with GreenPan’s Thermolon ceramic coating to get the benefits of both materials.

The GreenPan’s handle stays cool on its own while cooking, so no need to worry about burned hands. It also includes a silicone sleeve for a more comfortable grip as you cook. Ideally sized for a one- or two-egg omelette, the pan can produce a flat square omelette, a folded omelette, or a single fried egg and then slide the food smoothly out onto a plate for serving.

Honorable Mention

The Best Omelette Pan Option: Nordic Ware Italian Frittata and Omelette Pan

This Nordic Ware piece is a flip-style omelette pan—it looks like a frying pan split in half with a hinge in the middle. Users place egg mixture into each of the two half-rounds, and fillings to the side closest to the handle. When the egg has set on the bottom, the egg side is flipped over on top of the filling side—this will drop the plain egg half on top of the fillings with no mess. A few minutes later, cooks can slide the whole omelette out of the nonstick pan onto the plate, with no risk of tearing or breaking.

Made completely of aluminum, the 8.4-inch Nordic Ware omelette pan heats smoothly and evenly all the way up the sides, which will avoid hot or cool spots so the eggs cook evenly and do not burn. The riveted handle offers security while cooks maneuver the pan during cooking.