The Best Onion Choppers for the Kitchen

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The Best Onion Chopper Options


Chopped onions sprinkled over a hot dog on a sunny day, cooked into a hot soup on a cold night, or roasted into stuffing perfection for a family feast: delightful. Chopping onions by hand in your kitchen while brushing tears out of your eyes with the back of your hand? Not so much. Rather than resorting to goggles, the best way to enjoy delicious flavor quickly and more efficiently is to use a dedicated onion chopper.

Instead of slicing again and again with a knife, you can press down once and see a neat pile of finely chopped onion with an “alligator style” chopper. Or, if you choose a slap chopper, you will tuck the onion under the cover and repeatedly press down on a plunger that cuts through the onion, rotate its blades for your next press, and continue until the onion is diced as small as your recipe requires. Still other choppers are plug-in or battery powered, and require even less effort on your part.

Onion choppers are versatile, too! Use them to chop and cube any number of vegetables and fruits that have a firm texture and, depending on the unit, on softer items like peppers and tomatoes for fresh salsa.

Safety is, of course, extremely important when choosing the best onion chopper. To save you time and effort, the blades of these choppers are extremely sharp and durable, so you’ll need to be careful when cleaning and storing them. And cleaning and storing are two other considerations: it doesn’t matter that you’ve saved time chopping if you give it all back picking bits of onion out of the chopper, and some styles require more space to store than others.

Our Top Picks

With so many considerations—convenience, style, safety, durability—we’ve narrowed down your choices so you can choose the best onion chopper for your needs.

The Best Onion Chopper Option: Mueller Austria Onion Chopper Pro


1. BEST OVERALL: Mueller Austria Onion Chopper Pro

Durable, functional, and versatile, the Mueller Onion Chopper Pro is our best overall pick. This kitchen gadget comes with superb European technology, including ultra-sharp blades made of hardened steel for long-lasting performance. An FDA-certified, BPA-free, break-resistant storage container firmly attaches to the chopper and will hold up to 4 cups of chopped onion or other firm vegetable. The container conveniently stores the two blades and handy cleaning brush that are included with this chopper.

The Best Onion Chopper Option: OXO Good Grips Food Chopper


2. EASIEST TO USE: OXO Good Grips Food Chopper

The OXO Good Grips Food Chopper features a unique wave-like blade pattern that clears food from the blades with each chop, reducing jamming and crushing and resulting in cleaner cuts. Because of this, the OXO does a great job with onions but can also handle other vegetables and harder foods, such as nuts. This style chopper is slightly less precise than others, because the blades rotate as they chop, ensuring that each piece is chopped but resulting in less-uniform pieces than the alligator-style choppers. It includes a clear container that can hold up to a cup of onions, and also includes a snap-on lid if you need to store your chopped food for later use. A non-slip knob makes chopping safer, and the whole unit unscrews for easy cleaning and reassembles easily. The stainless steel blade is dishwasher safe, and the knob locks down for easy and safe storage.

The Best Onion Chopper Option: Ninja Express Food Chopper


3. UPGRADE PICK: Ninja Express Food Chopper

Why chop by hand when the Ninja Express Food Chopper can do it for you? The Ninja uses a small but powerful 200watt power pod to dice, mince, chop, and puree almost any ingredient you put into it. A non-slip base and splash guard attached to the chopper bowl helps avoid a wobbly setup and keeps the user safe, and the blade and cup are dishwasher safe. The cup can hold 16 ounces and includes a storage lid to keep chopped food fresh. The Ninja offers the convenience of a food processor in a smaller package that is easy to clean and store.

The Best Onion Chopper Option: Fullstar Onion Chopper Slicer with Four Bladesv


4. MOST VERSATILE: Fullstar Onion Chopper Slicer with Four Blades

Chop onions. Julienne carrots. Slice cucumbers. The Fullstar Onion Chopper does it all. It includes four interchangeable blades, and the built-in chopping platform lets you chop directly into the 1.2-liter storage tray with no mess. A soft-grip handle helps you feel safe and secure while chopping, and the rust-resistant heavy duty stainless steel blades will stay sharp. The entire unit can be disassembled and washed on the top rack of the dishwasher, and then will self-store in a compact package. The Fullstar is the best choice if you often chop onions and many other vegetables during your prep work: it’s fast, easy, and reduces cleanup time.

The Best Onion Chopper Option: Vremi Vegetable Chopper


5. BEST VALUE: Vremi Vegetable Chopper

With its one-piece stainless steel zigzag chopping blade, the Vremi Mini Hand Food Chopper makes quick work of any onion-chopping chore. Pressing on the plunger rotates the zigzag blades resulting in neatly and completely chopped onions. It’s compact and portable and a real space-saver. At the base is a clear plastic collection chamber that is quite spacious enough to hold one ingredient at a time; if you’re looking to chop more than one item, you’ll need to empty the cup frequently, but the Vremi’s affordable price should make that less of a drawback.