The Best Oven Mitts for Your Kitchen

These modern oven mitts will keep your hands safe from the heat while staying flexible.

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The Best Oven Mitt Options


Oven mitts are a conundrum: you need them to move hot pans and dishes, but they’re often unwieldy and make it difficult to hold on to the dishes you’re trying to manage. They can be such a hindrance that some cooks just grab a dish towel instead and end up burning their hands. This is where a good pair of thoughtfully-designed oven mitts comes in.

The best oven mitt options are easier to manipulate due to improved materials and thinner insulation to protect hands while maintaining dexterity. Modern mitts are typically made with silicone, padded cotton studded with silicone beads, or thick cotton liners covered with reflective materials. We’ve checked out the options and have great recommendations to help narrow down your search.

The Best Oven Mitts

Taking into consideration whether you need heat resistance, flame resistance, steam resistance, or all three, along with your preferred grip style, choose the pair best suited to your cooking needs.

The Best Oven Mitt Option: Homwe Extra Long Professional Silicone Oven Mitt


BEST OVERALL: Homwe Extra Long Professional Silicone Oven Mitt

At 14.7 inches long, these Homwe oven mitts protect fingers, hands, and forearms from heat and burns. The mitts are lined and cuffed with cotton so the cook’s fingers won’t get clammy, with a thin enough layer that even cooks with smaller hands will be able to firmly grip thin pan edges or utensils with the defined thumb. The silicone exterior is textured for an improved grip and flame-resistant, so cooks working over a gas stovetop will enjoy the extra protection. The silicone is also completely waterproof, so hands are also protected from spills and splashes of hot liquids. These professional-grade Homwe mitts are heat-resistant up to 450 degrees, so the protection will be enough for nearly any dish coming out of the oven. The HOMWE mitts are machine washable, so any spills can be rinsed off or tossed in the washer.

The Best Oven Mitt Option: Ove Glove Oven Mitt Glove, Right Hand


BEST GLOVE: Ove Glove Oven Mitt Glove, Right Hand

If dexterity is the most important consideration in your oven mitt search, the Ove Glove is a worthy option. Shifting away from mitten and clamshell designs, the Ove Glove looks just like a regular cotton glove. The glove contains kevlar, which is used in firefighters’ turnout gear to resist heat and flame. This heavy duty material also resists puncturing and cutting. The palm and fingers of the glove are studded with silicone squares and dots for outstanding grip without restricting motion. This new Ove Glove design includes an extra steam resistant latex liner to protect hands from moisture burns when pouring boiling water or cooking over a steaming pan. Heatsafe up to 540 degrees, the Ove Glove is ideal for stove and oven cooking as well as the grill, for car repair, and arranging firelogs.

The Best Oven Mitt Option: Arcliber Heat Resistant Kitchen Gloves


BUDGET PICK: Arcliber Heat Resistant Kitchen Gloves

For those who are sensitive to silicone or find it too stiff, cotton is a great alternative. But what if you’re often cooking over a gas stove? Arcliber has a solution to the flammability problem. These Heat Resistant Kitchen Gloves are more than just heat-resistant—they’re flame resistant as well. The extra-long 16-inch gloves are made of 100% quilted padded cotton and lined with absorbent and comfortable terry cloth. The exterior is treated with a nontoxic flame-retardant coating. Users can hold the Arcliber mitts in an open flame for ten seconds before the cotton catches fire, but as soon as the mitt is removed from direct contact with the flame, the mitt will stop burning. Ideal for the grill or a gas stove, the Arcliber Mitts are a budget-friendly innovation with improved safety considerations.

The Best Oven Mitt Option: DII 100% Cotton Quilted Terry Oven Set


ALSO CONSIDER: DII 100% Cotton Quilted Terry Oven Set

DII’s Cotton Quilted Terry Oven Set has a classic look, but inside are modern features. The 100% cotton construction is ideal for cooks with sensitive skin for whom synthetics can be irritating. These mitts feature a cotton terry cloth exterior, padded with additional thin layers of cotton to build heat resistance to 400 degrees with minimal bulk. The DII mitts are 13 inches long, so they protect more of the arm and allow for a firm grip. These mitts should not be used over an open flame, but are conveniently machine washable should they become dirty or stained. The DII 100% Cotton Quilted Terry Oven Set is available in a range of colors to match or complement your kitchen decor.