The Best Pasta Pots for the Kitchen

You can do more with these pots than make pasta: they can boil grains, vegetables, and many come with additional steaming baskets, offering more versatility in the kitchen.

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The Best Pasta Pot Options


From Italy to the United States, more than 600 different types of pasta have made their way across the globe and into our favorite dishes. Between awkward ratios leaving pasta too dry and burning your hands as you pour out boiling water, such a seemingly simple dish can wreak havoc in the kitchen.

The pasta pot minimizes these issues by being a stock pot and colander all at once: either the accompanying lid is used to strain the water, or the pot has a straining basket inside that drains the water out by lifting the pot. This cookware can be used for more than just pasta—rice, potatoes, broccoli, any boiled food that must be drained can be cooked in a pasta pot. Pasta pots that have a separate straining basket, can simply be used as a stock pot for soups, stews, and other dishes cooked in larger quantities.

Pasta pots are not complicated to use, but what can get complicated is choosing one out of all the options available. When it’s time to choose your pasta pot, there are a few key factors to keep in mind, including materials, capacity, extra features or accessories, and budget. To make things easier for you, we’ve scoured the market to identify our top-favorite picks among the best pasta pot options available. See our roundup below!

Our Top Picks

The Best Pasta Pot Option: Cuisinart 77-412 Chef’s Classic Stainless 4-Piece


1. BEST OVERALL: Cuisinart 77-412 Chef’s Classic Stainless 4-Piece

This Chef’s Classic set has an encapsulated-aluminum and stainless-steel design to provide excellent heat-conducting abilities. The 4-piece set includes a 12-quart stock pot, pasta insert, steamer, and lid, all dishwasher safe due to a stainless-steel outer layer. This spacious stock pot is suited to cooking for large groups or for individuals edging into the professional culinary world. The handles of this Cuisinart pot are ergonomically designed for easy maneuvering, paired with a tapered rim for drip-free pouring. This high-performing set is oven safe, opening up an array of other dishes you can make in this pasta pot.

The Best Pasta Pot Option: All-Clad E414S6 Stainless Steel Pasta Pot and Insert


2. BEST PREMIUM: All-Clad E414S6 Stainless Steel Pasta Pot and Insert

For a higher price tag, the All-Clad pasta pot combines a sleek appearance with robust engineering and high functionality. The 6-quart pot contains polished stainless steel, with a thick aluminum warp-resistant base, both of which produce fast, even heating. A steel lid with stainless-steel handles is secured with stainless-steel rivets. The perforated steel insert contains two pans that can separate into a pasta pan and steamer. The All-Clad set is dishwasher safe, and the pot itself is entirely ovenproof, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. All of these features are solidified by a limited lifetime warranty, to give real peace of mind about the longevity of this pasta pot set.

The Best Pasta Pot Option: Tramontina Gourmet Prima Pasta Cooking Set


3. BEST FOR MULTITASKERS: Tramontina Gourmet Prima Pasta Cooking Set

This 8-quart stainless-steel pasta pot from Tramontina comes with a lid and two finely woven pasta inserts. The inserts sit vertically, so you may find yourself struggling to get a decent steamer out of this pot, but they’re great for boiling two different types of pasta or multiple items without mixing. The comfortable handles and a drip-less pouring rim make maneuvering the full pot easier, but note that this is a heavy pot. It’s got versatility in the bag: the Tramontina pasta pot is oven proof up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and also functions as a fryer.

The Best Pasta Pot Option: Gotham Steel 5 Quart Multipurpose Pasta Pot


4. BEST VALUE: Gotham Steel 5-Quart Multipurpose Pasta Pot

This pasta pot set by Gotham features a strainer ingeniously built into the glass lid: after your pasta is cooked, simply twist and lock the handles to drain the water out of the holes in the rim. The steel, titanium, and ceramic coating on the interior is non-stick, so pasta easily slips out of the pot. The copper exterior is also nonstick, and all parts of the set are oven and dishwasher safe. This pasta pot has a reasonable 5-quart capacity, enough for a family meal, though not ideal for larger groups. The convenience of the twist-strain lid, straightforward cleaning, and suitability for stovetops and ovens, makes the Gotham pasta pot a worthy budget option.

The Best Pasta Pot Options: Cook N Home Stainless Steel Pasta Cooker


5. HONORABLE MENTION: Cook N Home Stainless Steel Pasta Cooker

The Cook N Home pasta pot contains four parts: an 8-quart stockpot, tempered-glass lid, 4-quart steamer, and pasta insert. The stainless-steel stockpot contains an aluminum base, making it compatible with induction, gas, electric, glass, ceramic, and halogen hobs. This aluminum base also increases conduction for evenly-cooked dishes. The tempered glass lid includes a steam vent to view food, and durable stainless steel riveted handles ensure a solid grip on the pot. This entire Cook N Home set is suitable for dishwasher use, making for a no-fuss clean up.

The Best Pasta Pot Options: Rachael Ray Brights Nonstick Pasta Stock Pot


6. ALSO CONSIDER: Rachael Ray Brights Nonstick Pasta Stock Pot

The attractive Rachael Ray pasta pot can make a statement on your stove, with its two-tone red enamel exterior brightening up the kitchen. This 8-ounce pot heats quickly and evenly, reducing hot spots that can burn food. The unique oval design only takes up a single stove burner, and its length allows you to cook long pasta noodles without having to break them. A built-in spout works to drain the pasta, after it slides seamlessly out of the pan’s nonstick interior. Easy-grip riveted rubber handles offer a secure and comfortable hold on the pot. This Rachael Ray cookware also includes a shatter-proof glass lid, so you can keep an eye on your food as it’s cooking.