The Best Pizza Cutters for the Kitchen

These tools make quick work of pizzas from flatbreads to deep-dish with no mess or loss of toppings.

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The Best Pizza Cutter Options


Pizza is a staple for many households: cheesy, hot, and chewy, pizza is a delightful experience. This is why it can be such a disappointment to reach for a slice and see all the delightful toppings slide off, and trying to cut it with a regular kitchen knife isn’t a great solution. Fortunately, there are cutters specifically designed to help you with this problem. Pizza cutters easily slice through thin crispy crusts, thick chewy crusts, and all the toppings without dragging or disrupting the slices. Pizza cutters are also great for cutting long strips of homemade pasta or fondant, cutting pie crust into strips for latticing, dividing pan cookies into squares, and a number of other tasks in the kitchen.

Pizza cutters exist in two primary forms: wheel and mezzaluna styles. Wheel cutters use a sharp circular blade with a handle to roll through the pizza. Mezzaluna cutters have a long stationary blade, with a handle that is pressed down in a single sweep. The wheels are a little easier to manage and store, but the mezzalunas are generally sharper and make strong, straight cuts. The best pizza cutter for you will depend on how you prefer your pizza sliced, desired sharpness, ergonomics, and durability.

Our Top Picks

We assembled a list of some of the top-performing pizza cutters on the market, to help make your shopping easier.

The Best Pizza Cutter Option: Love This Kitchen Pizza Cutter


BEST OVERALL: Love This Kitchen Pizza Cutter

The Love This Kitchen Pizza Cutter is a mezzaluna-style tool, featuring a 14-inch blade that is gently curved along the edge. The cutter is designed to be placed on the pizza, then firmly rocked from one side to the other, slicing neatly through as layers of toppings and cheese to form a straight, clean cut. The hardened stainless steel blade is riveted in six places to two bright orange hardened plastic handles. These handles allow the user to exert more comfortable downward pressure and provide more distance between fingers and the blade, adding both efficiency and safety. Love This Kitchen provides a sheath for the blade for safe storage, so users don’t need to get their fingers close to the edge to attach the cover. This pizza cutter can also be used for tasks usually performed with regular small mezzalunas, such as chopping herbs or mincing garlic. The entire unit can be placed in the dishwasher, although Love This Kitchen recommends careful handwashing to preserve the blade edge.

The Best Pizza Cutter Option: Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel


BEST DESIGN: Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

The Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel skips the standard angled handle in favor of a blade housing with an ergonomic grip. The wheel’s plastic covering includes a soft, rounded grip so users have complete control over where the cutter rolls. The Kitchy pizza cutter’s grip reduces strain on the wrists and hands and adds leverage for slicing tougher crusts.The blade guard is built into the housing: it simply slides up and out of the way when the device is in use, so there are no parts to be lost and safe storage is automatic, making this a great cutter for families. The Kitchy can also be used to chop herbs, portion dough, and slice pie crusts and quiche. After cutting, it disassembles in moments to pop into the dishwasher with no worries about retained water or rusting.

The Best Pizza Cutter Option: KitchenAid Classic Pizza WheelThe Best Pizza Cutter Option: KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel

Featuring a sharp, beveled stainless steel 3-inch cutting wheel, this highly functional KitchenAid cutter is offered at a reasonable price. The bevel presses toppings and crust together to seal them, rather than tearing the cheese off each slice. The handle is built from sturdy hardened plastic and includes a large finger guard for safety. The head of this KitchenAid pizza wheel is angled to assist the user in exerting downward pressure in the correct place to reduce wrist strain. For cooks looking for professional-grade performance without professional-grade pricing, this cutter is a worthy option.

The Best Pizza Cutter Option: Cuisinart Alfrescamore Pizza Cutter


ALSO CONSIDER: Cuisinart Alfrescamore Pizza Cutter

The Cuisinart Alfrescamore Quick Cut Pizza Cutter contains a durable 15-inch stainless steel blade. The blade is housed in a hard black rubber handle that runs the full length of the cutter, so cooks can firmly grip the tool wherever they find it most comfortable. The Cuisinart Alfrescamore’s blade is gently curved, providing an easy rocking motion as it slices through even heavily-crusted pizzas with a single pass. Since the blade isn’t moving through the cheese, it cuts cleanly, so cooks can slice their pizza immediately after removing it from the oven. This Cuisinart pizza cutter comes with a sheath to protect the blade (and hands) during storage, and also features a loop if users would prefer to hang it safely when not in use.