The Best Quesadilla Makers for Easy Dinners

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The Best Quesadilla Maker Options


Quesadillas—crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside—are a quick and easy meal or snack. Cooks who make quesadillas at home on a regular basis might be wondering if there’s an easier way than gingerly flipping cheese-filled tortillas in a frying pan, trying not to spill cheese and fillings everywhere. That’s where a quesadilla maker comes in: these devices allow cooks to whip up neat quesadillas in minutes, with no flipping necessary.

Some quesadilla makers are surprisingly versatile and can be used to cook other foods—so keep in mind whether you want a specialized device or one that serves the purpose of multiple appliances. Also, consider both the size and substance of the cooking surface. You may want nonstick capabilities, or you may prefer to oil the surface yourself. Do you need there to be a drip tray for catching grease? Some quesadilla makers sport this feature; others don’t. With so many options available, finding the best quesadilla maker for your kitchen can be something of a challenge. We’ve done the work for you and identified our top-favorite picks below.

Our Top Picks

The Best Quesadilla Maker Option: Dash Express Electric Round Griddle for Quesadillas


BEST OVERALL: Dash Express Electric Round Griddle for Quesadillas

This multi-purpose Dash griddle features an 8-inch round cooking surface that turns out crispy quesadillas—as well as pancakes, cookies, burgers, pizzas, and eggs. Thanks to its compact, lightweight design, this handy device is great for smaller kitchens, as well as RVs, cabins, and travel. Once switched on, the round plates inside heat up in a matter of minutes. The nonstick surface makes food easy to remove from the griddle as soon as it’s cooked. A handy lip on the top and bottom of the Dash device helps to prevent mess, too, by keeping ingredients neatly inside. While most quesadilla makers produce divided pocket quesadillas, the Dash produces a single round product. This feature allows users to slice their food into any size wedge and opens up its other cooking capabilities. The Dash Express Electric Round Griddle also includes a recipe book to give cooks inspiration.

The Best Quesadilla Maker Option: Nostalgia Taco Tuesday 10-Inch Quesadilla Maker


RUNNER-UP: Nostalgia Taco Tuesday 10-Inch Quesadilla Maker

Nostalgia’s Taco Tuesday Quesadilla Maker has 10 inches of nonstick surface to make larger quesadillas. It’s designed to accommodate extra ingredients, featuring a latch that allows users to truly stuff their tortillas. This Nostalgia device can accommodate large appetites, and it’s just as capable of producing thinner quesadillas, too: another latch favors thinner, more delicate tortillas. Six tasty wedges will be ready in just six minutes once the appliance has been switched on. The nonstick plates wipe clean, and a removable drip tray ensures that any grease from the food is caught and easily cleaned. For efficient storage, the Taco Tuesday can be stored upright.

The Best Quesadilla Maker Option: George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker


BEST VALUE: George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker

The George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker is designed to make large 10-inch quesadillas. The hot plates are completely non-stick, so there’s no need to worry about cheese sticking. It’s easy to remove the quesadillas and wipe the plates clean after use with a damp cloth. Inside the George Foreman, six pockets have plenty of room for fillings and make the finished quesadillas easier to cut into slices once they’re cooked. An outer ridge seals all the ingredients safely inside, so there’s no mess on the counter. Thanks to a slip-resistant handle and a tidy cord wrap, the press is easy to use and store. The Foreman is very affordable, especially given its extra features.