The Best Silicone Spatulas for Your Kitchen

Stop leaving batter in the bowl: silicone spatulas will scrape that batter into your brownie pan, as well as flip pancakes, toss stir-fry, spread melting butter, and so much more.

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The Best Silicone Spatula Options


Traditionally, the stirring and mixing utensil of choice was the wooden spoon. However, these spoons can collect bacteria. They can’t get into those corners and crevices of a saucepan, and they can’t scrape the last bits of batter out of a mixing bowl. For these tasks, and many others, we have silicone spatulas. Flexible but firm, heat resistant to between 480-600 degrees, and dishwasher safe, silicone spatulas can take the place of an array of kitchen tools.

Silicone spatulas come with several different handle materials: wood, plastic, and stainless steel are all common options, and which you choose depends largely on your comfort and preference. Some spatulas have removable heads for cleaning, which is a great feature as long as the user takes care to make sure food bits don’t gather at the seam. Other spatulas have a simple one-piece construction, so the handle and body are all the same material.

When selecting the best silicone spatula for your kitchen, you should also consider the flexibility of the blade and tip: if you’re planning to use the spatula primarily for mixing or flipping delicate foods, a more flexible blade is fine, but for stir-frys and other stove top applications, a firmer tip is preferable.

Our Top Picks

We checked out the silicone spatulas on the market and assembled this list of recommendations—cooks will find a range of options among some of the best silicone spatulas available.

The Best Silicone Spatula Option: U-Taste Premium Silicone Spatula Set


BEST OVERALL: U-Taste Premium Silicone Spatula Set

Cooks tired of boring utensils should consider this set of vibrant and fun U-Taste spatulas. Available in black, purple, red, and teal/aqua sky, the four spatulas are heat-safe to 600 degrees and feature a hygienic one-piece design. U-Taste claims their spatulas have the perfect balance of flex and rigidity. The four spatulas range in size from 8-11 inches long, and the set includes a jar spatula, a small spatula, a large spatula, and a spoon spatula, each angled appropriately for ease of use in its job. The handles are rounded for an easy grip, even with wet hands, and are slim enough to stand upright in a utensil crock but also include a hanging hole for easy storage. The spatulas are dishwasher safe and will not melt, nor will they scratch nonstick cookware.

The Best Silicone Spatula Option: Di Oro Seamless Series 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set


RUNNER UP: Di Oro Seamless Series 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set

These attractive silicone spatulas from Di Oro offer a modern aesthetic to the kitchen. The one-piece tools boast a heat resistance up to a whopping 600 degrees, so cooks can confidently use them in the hottest stovetop pans. The core of these spatulas is stainless steel, for extra strength and durability. The full silicone coating means that heat won’t transfer from the pan to the cook’s hand, and bacteria has nowhere to hide. Safe for all types of cookware, the three shapes in this set will scrape out batter bowls or peanut butter jars, but are also up to heavy mixing tasks and stovetop frying. The Di Oro Seamless Series spatulas can be tossed in the dishwasher after use.

The Best Silicone Spatula Option: M Kitchen World Heat Resistant Silicone Spatulas Set


MOST FLEXIBLE: M Kitchen World Heat Resistant Silicone Spatulas Set

This four-piece set by M Kitchen World features ergonomic and lightweight plastic handles with removable, dishwasher-safe silicone heads. These spatulas are a little more flexible than others because they don’t have a single-piece core, making them ideal for applications that require the tools to curve into crevices to mix and scrape ingredients together. Both the mini spatula and the jar spatula can be used for frosting cakes and cupcakes. The slightly firmer large spatula will reach into the curved edges of frying or crepe pans, and the spoon spatula can be used for baking or stir-frying. The heads of the M Kitchen World spatulas are heat safe to 480 degrees and the hard plastic handles up to 400 degrees.

The Best Silicone Spatula Option: Gloue Baking Spoon & Spatulas


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Gloue Baking Spoon & Spatulas

Gloue’s set of four spatulas offers extraordinary value and a pop of color to the kitchen. Small, medium, large, and spoon spatulas range from 8-12 inches. The flippers are red, orange, purple, and blue to help cooks grab the right one at a glance. The core is built with durable stainless steel and the silicone coating is heat safe to 450 degrees. The set of four is priced very reasonably, ideal for cooks seeking versatility and performance without having to spend a lot.

The Best Silicone Spatula Option: UpGood Silicone Spatula Set


HONORABLE MENTION: UpGood Silicone Spatula Set

UpGood’s four-piece set includes a jar spatula, small and large spatulas, and a spoon spatula, all of which are seamless and heat safe to 600 degrees. The tough steel core makes these flippers sturdy, yet the tip is flexible and firm. This UpGood set is available in a chic gray, sleek black, and bright red, so cooks can choose a color that blends into their kitchen decor or pops out in the drawer. The silicone is dishwasher safe and will last for years, and UpGood backs this up with a satisfaction guarantee.