The Best Sleeping Masks for Uninterrupted Sleep

A good night’s sleep can ensure a good day ahead. The best sleeping mask for uninterrupted sleep can help individuals who toss and turn or wake up at all hours of the night.

By Shannon Lee | Updated Mar 31, 2021 1:23 PM

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The Best Sleeping Mask Options


There are few situations more frustrating than a night of unrefreshing or interrupted sleep. One night is bad enough; when it stretches into more, the frustration can turn into even deeper problems, including decreased daytime productivity and even physical and mental health issues that result from a lack of sleep. It makes sense that a person in this situation would try anything to remedy the problem. In some cases, the answer could be as simple as a sleeping mask.

The best sleeping mask for you will be one that suits your particular needs and preferences. Do you need to block out all light? Would a little weight over your eyes help you to relax? Do you need the calming properties of a softly scented mask or perhaps a pure silk mask for the delicate skin around the eyes? Is a thin, foldable mask that you can pop into a travel bag a necessity?

No matter what you desire, there is likely to be a sleeping mask to help achieve uninterrupted sleep. Read on to discover several important factors to consider as you shop, and then review some of the top-rated products on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask
  2. RUNNER-UP: Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: LKY Digital Sleep Mask 3 Pack, Upgraded 3D Contoured
  4. UPGRADE PICK: Joseche Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask
  5. CLASSIC PICK: Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask
  6. BEST DESIGN: Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask + Sleep Aid
  7. MOST VERSATILE: Bucky 40 Blinks No Pressure Beauty & Travel Eye Masks
  10. ALSO CONSIDER: Sivio Weighted Eye Mask for Women & Men
The Best Sleeping Mask Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Sleeping Mask

There are literally thousands of sleeping masks on the market. Choosing the best one can feel like trial and error unless you narrow down the options based on what is truly most important. Understanding the following features, such as the type of mask, the material, the comfort and fit, light-blocking properties, and even how the mask adapts to your preferred sleeping position, can help.


Sleeping masks are available in a variety of types to serve specific purposes.

  • Cooling: Often recommended to battle eye fatigue, a cooling mask is usually filled with gel beads that can be refrigerated. It slowly releases a cooling sensation as you drift off to sleep.
  • Heating: A heating mask uses the same principle as a cooling mask but might feature a USB port or require a microwave to heat the beads and offer relaxation.
  • Scented: Harness the power of aromatherapy with a scented mask, which can be replenished with the proper essential oils or rejuvenated with a quick zap in the microwave.
  • Magnetic: A magnetic mask contains small magnets to help increase blood flow to the area around the eyes.
  • Compression: A heavy, weighted compression mask applies pressure to the eyes to encourage sleep.
  • Headphone: Individuals who need white noise or music to sleep might find it comes more easily with a headphone mask to deliver soothing sounds.


The material with which a sleeping mask is made affects its functionality and level of comfort.

  • Cotton: Cotton is a very soft fabric that is much more washable than silk or foam and can impart comfortable warmth during sleep.
  • Silk: Silk is smooth, comfortable, and doesn’t readily absorb moisturizing products. It is known for being very gentle on the skin.
  • Polyester: Polyester can feel like silk, which makes it a popular option for those who love the look and feel of more expensive material at an affordable price.
  • Beads: Beads fill a pouch inside the mask and provide various benefits, such as heating and cooling (with the use of a microwave or refrigerator), or simply provide pressure on the eyes.
  • Foam: Common among contoured masks, foam can keep its shape to create a domed style that allows the user to still blink comfortably or maintain the look of eye makeup.

Comfort and Fit

When wearing a sleeping mask, comfort is paramount. Some individuals might prefer a large mask that covers the majority of their face; others may want a mask with molded cups that only cover the eyes. An adjustable strap could offer more comfort for some individuals, while others seek out a tighter elastic strap or an interior pouch of beads that creates more pressure or weight.
One of the most popular options is molded eyecups. These block out light but raise the mask above the eyes to allow for more freedom to blink without feeling restricted.

Light Blocking

Many people decide to try a sleeping mask to improve sleep because it blocks out light. Complete darkness can help your body and mind relax, encouraging a quicker path to deep sleep. Look for a mask that is wide enough to cover your eyes as well as your temples, in addition to one that sits low enough on the face to block light that might enter around the nose. You can also opt for a mask with molded cups that rest on the orbital bone.

However, individuals who feel claustrophobic in a mask might want to choose one that does allow a bit of light to help avoid the anxiety of feeling too closed up. In that case, a mask that doesn’t reach as far as the temples might be a better choice.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping position matters when choosing the best sleeping mask. Side sleepers might prefer a sleek, lightweight mask with a sturdy strap that will stay put. Back sleepers should look for a wider sleeping mask to block the light from all directions. Stomach sleepers are best served by a very lightweight mask, perhaps one made of silk, to avoid facial creases or pulling on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Our Top Picks

For those who find it difficult to sleep through the night, choosing the best sleeping mask can be just as important as choosing the right pillow or mattress. Based on the abovementioned considerations, some of the top-rated sleeping masks available today are included in the top picks, with a focus on quality and value in a variety of categories. Keep reading to explore these options for future nights of uninterrupted sleep.

Best Overall

The Best Sleeping Mask Option: Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask

This affordable and super-soft sleeping mask from Jersey Slumber is made of 100 percent mulberry silk to protect the delicate skin around the eyes. Layers of material block out light, while the slightly raised design allows users to still comfortably blink as they fall asleep. It features an adjustable elastic strap for the ultimate in comfort. This mask works well for those who sleep in a variety of positions throughout the night, thanks to both the lightweight nature of the fabric and this soft elastic strap.

The naturally hypoallergenic silk fabric should be hand-washed in cold water and allowed to air dry. Choose from black, black with white stars, blue, blue with white stars, and pink with a black screened-on eyelashes and eyebrows print to add a bit of flair to your evening routine.


The Best Sleeping Mask Option: Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Just as silk sheets and pillowcases can work wonders for sleeping, so does this 100 percent mulberry silk sleeping mask from Alaska Bear. This mask combines an outer silk layer with an inner cotton layer to comfortably contour the face. Available in 22 colors and designs, this wide mask blocks light from all angles while allowing for easy adjustment with the buckled elastic strap.

The naturally hypoallergenic and breathable silk is great for individuals with allergies as well as those who need more care around the delicate eye area. The mask fits a range of head circumferences from 15.8 to 27.6 inches. Despite the larger size of the mask, keep in mind that silk doesn’t readily absorb moisturizers or eye makeup, thus leaving more of these products on the skin throughout the night.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Sleeping Mask Option: LKY Digital Sleep Mask 3 Pack, Upgraded 3D Contoured

This three-pack of sleeping masks by LKY DIGITAL offers a buckle closure for an easy fit, deep molded cups to prevent smearing of eye makeup and facilitate easy blinking, and an innovative design to help block light while cushioning the nose—all at an affordable price. Each mask fits around a head circumference of 18.5 to 27.5 inches, which covers the needs of most adults.

Made of memory foam, this lightweight option is well suited to travel. The edges of these masks are sewn instead of glued to help ensure their longevity and further enhance their value. The masks should be hand-washed and air-dried to preserve the shape. The set includes one black, one gray, and one blue mask.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Sleeping Mask Option: Joseche Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask

This soft, black sleeping mask from Joseche features Bluetooth technology and true HD HiFi sound through the thin speakers on either side. Compatible with Android or iOS, this mask ensures easy listening to anything from white noise to a favorite band while falling asleep. Charging the battery for about 2 hours through the USB charging port can provide 9 hours of use.

This sleeping mask also delivers on light-blocking with extra cushioning and contouring around the nose. To clean, simply remove the Bluetooth module and wash the velvet and cotton mask with a usual load of laundry. The Velcro strap accommodates a head circumference from 20.3 to 26.5 inches, which fits well for most adults.

Classic Pick

The Best Sleeping Mask Option: Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

Available in gray or black, this cotton sleeping mask from Mavogel features a black sponge interior that helps block out light. The extra flap of material covering the bottom of the nose further helps to block out light that could seep in from the underside of the mask in addition to facilitating a comfortable position on the face.

The adjustable elastic strap securely holds the mask on any head circumference ranging from 19 to 29 inches. Five layers of breathable fabric keep the mask feeling plush and smooth against the face. The triangle wing design on the sides securely holds the mask in place, while clean and smooth seams help prevent chafing or discomfort during sleep.

Best Design

The Best Sleeping Mask Option: Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask + Sleep Aid

This two-pack of sleeping masks from Lewis N. Clark features a buckle closure that adjusts from a head circumference of 15.8 to 27.6 inches. For a more snug fit that could help battle headaches, simply tighten the closure and enjoy the gentle pressure against the eyes and temples. These masks are made of lightweight and breathable ripstop nylon with a soft ridge along the bottom for better light blockage. The cotton interior is easy on the eyes.

This versatile option works for home and travel and even provides comfortable use with a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure to treat sleep apnea) mask. Choose from either black or blue masks. For proper care, hand-wash and air-dry.

Most Versatile

The Best Sleeping Mask Option: Bucky 40 Blinks No Pressure Beauty & Travel Eye Masks

This contoured sleeping mask by Bucky provides the advantage of eliminating pressure on the eyes, thanks to a deep orbital space. The lightweight, thin design features a combination of 100 percent polyester interlock and 100 percent polyurethane foam to ensure breathability. Available in 29 colors and designs, the mask uses a Velcro closure for comfort and boasts a large size to block out light.

This latex-free mask can be hand-washed and hung to dry to maintain the proper shape and extend its life. When leaving home, simply fold the mask in half for a compact traveling companion.

Most Innovative

The Best Sleeping Mask Option: GRAPHENE TIMES Heated Eye Mask – USB Dry Eye Mask

With an ergonomic design that allows for comfortable blinking and no pressure on the eyes, this heated sleeping mask from Graphene Times ranges in temperature from 100.4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit to offer comfortable and relaxing warmth. A 47-inch cord provides flexibility; simply plug the mask into a laptop, a power bank, or a dedicated USB charger to power it up before bedtime. The user then adjusts the mask to the preferred temperature setting through the easy-to-use in-cord control.

The soft elastic strap holds this lightweight mask in place, while the 3-D design helps ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The heating element and far-infrared wavelength of this mask automatically shut off after 1 hour of use, allowing the user to drift into a peaceful slumber without concern about overheating. Because the mask contains electrical components, it’s important to remember to hand-wash it only, then let it air-dry.

Best for Travel

The Best Sleeping Mask Option: OSTRICHPILLOW LIGHT Travel Pillow

Available in four reversible colors, this travel pillow from OSTRICHPILLOW can also serve as a sleeping mask to create a unique solution for sleeping on the go. It’s versatile and lightweight. The user wears this hollow, cylindrical piece over their eyes and head to block out light while it simultaneously functions as a comfortable pillow. It can also be worn around the neck as a simple travel pillow for use on a plane or train or in the car.

This item is crafted from a high-quality blend of elastomer and viscose as well as a coated microbead filling. The integrated fit adjuster can provide a firmer fit around the eyes for even better light blockage. Users can rest assured this pillow-mask combination doesn’t affect the use of headphones or earpieces. Choose from three reversible color combinations, and make sure to spot-clean and air-dry for longevity.

Also Consider

The Best Sleeping Mask Option: Sivio Weighted Eye Mask for Women & Men

The wonders of weighted blankets are well known by now, so it makes sense that a weighted sleeping mask might also lead some individuals into dreamland more quickly than a standard or lightweight sleeping mask. This mask from Sivio tucks silica beads into the plush cotton and bamboo fiber layers to provide users with both warming and cooling properties.

The beads are in an interior pouch that users can remove and microwave for heat or pop into the freezer for a few minutes to cool tired eyes. If the weight is not needed, simply remove the pouch through the high-grade zipper, and use the mask alone to block out light. A flexible Velcro strap holds the mask firmly in place through the night. Machine-wash and air-dry this mask for optimal, long-lasting use.

FAQs About Sleeping Masks

Now that you’ve given some thought to the best sleeping mask for your needs, there might still be a few other questions. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Q. Can I use a sleeping mask daily?

Yes. Many individuals choose to use a sleeping mask every night for better sleep. Just make sure to periodically wash it to limit dirt, oil, and bacteria buildup.

Q. Do sleep masks make it harder to wake up?

Since sleep masks make it easier to fall asleep, it’s more likely the user will end up fully rested and ready to tackle the day upon waking.

Q. How do you wash a sleep mask?

In some cases, you can toss a sleep mask into the washing machine with a load of laundry and then let it air-dry. Look carefully at the label to ensure proper care. Masks that have special features, such as heating or cooling beads or electrical components, should be hand-washed or spot-cleaned only.