The Best Steak Knives for Your Table

Slice cleanly into delicious steaks with ease using these sharp and durable knives.

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The Best Steak Knife Options


A sharp high quality steak knife can slice through thick cuts without tearing or crushing the meat. Shoppers seeking quality steak knives will often find any sharp knives marked as “steak knives” with little or no explanation as to how the manufacturer chose the title. You may find that knives incorrectly named in this way aren’t very effective, and leave you struggling to saw through your meat.

The best steak knife has a sharp, finely honed blade that is either straight and razor-sharp or serrated. These knives have a full tang so that the steel of the blade runs the full length of the handle for balance and stability. Great steak knives have well-designed handles that are riveted to the blade or part of a single-piece design—on the whole, these knives are comfortable to use and sharp enough to slice through meat with little effort.

Our Top Picks

We’ve checked out the market and identified beautifully crafted and top-performing steak knives. Blade and handle material, construction methods, and edge style were our top considerations when choosing these recommendations.

Best Overall

The Best Steak Knife Option: Wüsthof Gourmet 6-Piece Kitchen Steak Knife Set

Wüsthof’s set of steak knives is suitable for steak connoisseurs and casual cooks alike with its classic design and thoughtful details. The knives feature a comfortable ergonomic polypropylene handle, which will resist fading and discoloration. The full-tang, high carbon stainless steel blade is triple-riveted to the handle for stability and strength. The blade is laser-cut with Wüsthof’s signature Precision Edge Technology, designed to hold a sharp edge for 30 percent longer than the competition. The Wüsthof blades are resistant to discoloration, dulling, and corrosion. A full bolster protects fingers while razor-sharp blades slice cleanly through the thickest steaks. Offered in a well-priced set of six knives, this Wüsthof set is a great buy and will continue to perform well for years.

Classic Pick

The Best Steak Knife Option: Messermeister Avanta Steak Knife Set

With a hefty feel and traditional styling, the Messermeister Avanta Steak Knife Set is ideal for those who take their steak knives seriously. Each of the four knives feature a high carbon German steel blade with a full bolster and tang, triple-riveted to an ergonomic pakkawood handle. The Messermeister Avanta’s construction offers a beautiful balance and solid feel in the hand. The finely-honed 20-degree blade offers excellent slicing power, while the curved tip allows users to separate meat from bones and cut smoothly through tougher pieces of meat. The pakkawood handle is not dishwasher safe, but hand washing is a small price to pay for knives that provide quality function and beauty in a blade.

Contemporary Pick

The Best Steak Knife Option: Home Hero Steak Knives Set of 8The Best Steak Knife Option: Home Hero Steak Knives Set of 8

For hosts interested in a more modern table setting, this Home Hero set is worth considering. Crafted in France, these knives are made of stain-, corrosion-, and rust-resistant stainless steel. The serrated blades are coated in a durable food-grade nonstick coating for a sleek look and outstanding function. The serrations allow for smooth, easy slicing through tender or tough cuts of meat, as well as soft fruits, vegetables, and bread, without tearing. The ergonomic handles are made of a solid polypropylene coated with TPR for a comfortable, confident grip. This set of eight knives is affordably priced and attractive to look at—certainly a modern deviation from the traditional wood handle and steel blade.

Industrial Pick

The Best Steak Knife Option: J.A. Henckels International 8-Piece Steak Knife Set

J.A. Henckels, a traditional titan of the knife industry, offers this industrial take on steak knives. One-piece stainless steel construction gives the knives a clean look and renders them seamless, so they can be tossed in the dishwasher. The one-piece construction provides a solid-feeling in the hand and sturdiness while cutting. The handles on these knives are slightly slimmer and easier for smaller hands to manage, but still solid enough for larger hands. The blades are sharpened to a razor edge, then serrated for easy and smooth cutting, eliminating the need for users to sharpen them. The J.A. Henckels set of eight knives will finish your table setting with industrial flair.

Eclectic Pick

The Best Steak Knife Option: Flyingcolors Laguiole Steak Knife Set

While some steak knives are all about function, the Laguiole Steak Knife Set from Flyingcolors offers great performance while also highlighting style and beauty. The rosewood handles are ergonomically shaped and triple-riveted to a heavy stainless steel blade. The top edge of the tang, visible when holding the knife, is engraved with an attractive vine design, and the top edge of the handle features a small medallion with the Laguiole bee engraved into the steel. The knives are bolsterless, allowing the user a full range of motion while cutting, and providing a bit of an old-fashioned style to the knives. The edges are smooth and sharp, and can be resharpened by the user when necessary. Sold in a set of four, the Flyingcolors knives are available with several different handle materials in the same style, including wood, rubber, and horn, all featuring the same artistic details and precision cutting.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Steak Knife Option: Dalstrong Serrated Steak Knives - 4-Piece Set

Dalstrong’s serrated steak knives are housed by large, laminated pakkawood handles, triple-riveted to a full-tang ThyssenKrupp high-carbon German steel blade. The durable blades are hand-sharpened to an incredible edge of 14-16 degrees on each side, then shaped into large serrations for less meat tearing and increased edge retention on ceramic plates. The blade is taller than that of most knives, allowing for better hand clearance during use and reducing the likelihood of slippage or injury. This set includes a carefully-fitted sheath for each knife to protect the blades between uses. Sold in a set of four, the knives may seem pricey, but in exchange you get a set of knives that will perform well and last for years.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Steak Knife Option: Chicago Cutlery 4-Piece Steak Knife SetThe Best Steak Knife Option: Chicago Cutlery 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

A trusted name in knives, Chicago Cutlery offers this 4-piece set at an affordable price, for cooks who want quality tools without having to pay a fortune. The ergonomically carved handles are solid walnut and riveted to a full-tang high carbon stainless steel blade with three compression-fitted brass rivets for stability. The blades feature Chicago Cutlery’s Taper Grind Edge, offering incredible sharpness, easier resharpening, and durability. The knives should be hand washed only to protect the natural wood handles and the integrity of the blade. This budget-friendly Chicago Cutlery set is ideal for new cooks stocking their kitchens or those tired of buying lower-priced knives that don’t last.

Honorable Mention

The Best Steak Knife Option: Saveur Selects 1026269 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

The Saveur Selects 1026269 Steak Knife Set is a set of four handcrafted, full-tang steak knives. The knives are forged from German steel for enhanced durability, stain resistance, and edge retention. With a USPTO-patented design, each knife blade is hand-sharpened to a razor-sharp 16-degree edge. Each knife has a well-balanced 5-inch handle and a 5-inch blade with an HRC of 58 +/- 2 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. Boasting a fine edge and a precisely tapered blade from base to tip, the knives can effortlessly slide through grilled meat. Knives are National Sanitation Foundation certified. It’s recommended to wash knives with warm water and a little detergent before rinsing carefully and towel-drying.