The Best Turkey Baster for Your Kitchen

Keep your turkey moist and succulent (and perform other cooking tasks!) with these simple yet effective tools.

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The Best Turkey Baster Options


Turkey, in its finest form, is a juicy, tender meat with crispy browned skin. You don’t have to be an advanced cook to pull this off—the key is using the right tool. As a turkey roasts, many of its flavorful juices are released and pool at the bottom of the pan. A turkey baster can make the difference between dry turkey and a delicious flavorful one: this utensil draws up juices and drippings that collect in the roasting pan and spread them back over the meat (without fear of burns or greasy spills).

Turkey basters are useful beyond the task within their name. These tools can also be used for defatting soups and sauces, transferring liquids to different containers, and filling doughnuts with pastry cream. These basters are straightforward, but truly multifunctional. Turkey basters come in three different materials—plastic, glass, and metal—and all feature a rubber or silicone bulb at the end to squeeze. They come in different lengths and vary in their ease of disassembly and cleaning. The best turkey baster for your kitchen will fit your hand well and be a suitable length to reach under your turkey while staying clear of the oven’s hottest parts, resulting in a golden, tender bird.

Our Top Picks

This guide presents recommendations for some of the top-performing turkey basters available.

The Best Turkey Baster Option: Norpro Deluxe Stainless Steel Baster


BEST OVERALL: Norpro Deluxe Stainless Steel Baster

Norpro goes a step above with the Deluxe Stainless Steel Baster to get your meat as tender and juicy as possible: the 45-milliliter capacity baster includes a meat injector tip that screws securely into the end of the baster. This feature allows cooks to inject marinades and brines deeply into the meat before cooking. Once the turkey is in the oven, the injector can be unscrewed and cleaned with the included brush. The 11-inch baster is the right length to reach under a roasting turkey, pull up pan drippings and juices with the silicone bulb, and deposit the flavorful liquids over the surface of the turkey.

The stainless steel construction of this Norpro baster has several benefits. The metal tube won’t melt or shatter if you drop it in the oven—nor will the silicone bulb, which is heatsafe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The baster tube can be heated with hot water prior to use, which keeps the juices from cooling and solidifying. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and sanitize. This Norpro baster can also be used to draw fat off the surface of soups or stews, or in place of a funnel for transferring liquids to smaller containers.

The Best Turkey Baster Option: Norpro Dishwasher Safe Glass Baster


RUNNER-UP: Norpro Dishwasher Safe Glass Baster

Norpro’s Dishwasher Safe Glass Baster has a larger capacity than many on the market, able to draw up 2 ounces of fluid without dripping or leaking. The glass tube is heat- and shatter-resistant, and will not melt or leach flavors or chemicals into the liquid. These features make the Norpro ideal not just for basting turkeys, but also for defatting large batches of soups and checking the flavor of homemade wine or beer. The Norpro has a strong and easy-to-squeeze silicone rubber bulb, and disassembles for dishwasher cleaning or sterilization. Surprisingly inexpensive and up for big jobs, this Norpro baster is an exceedingly worthy option.

The Best Turkey Baster Option: Tovolo Easy-to-Use Angle Tipped Dripless Baster


ERGONOMIC PICK: Tovolo Easy-to-Use Angle Tipped Dripless Baster

Tovolo’s Dripless Turkey Baster features an unusually-shaped bulb that fits naturally into your palm, with more area to grip at the widest part of the hand. The soft silicone texture of the bulb makes the squeezing comfortable and secure, even when handling large volumes of liquid. A special no-drip valve is incorporated into the baster so the liquids never enter the bulb itself—a huge benefit when it comes time to clean up.

The Tovolo baster’s angle tip makes reaching the bottom of the roasting pan easier. Thanks to the no-drip valve, once the liquid is in the heat-resistant plastic tube, it stays there until the cook chooses to release them through the angled tip. Both the tip and bulb are removable for easy cleaning with the included brush, and the Tovolo comes with an extra tip in case of loss. Ideal for cooks who need a little extra grip or can’t squeeze a tough rounded bulb, this Tovolo turkey baster is a great ergonomic option.

The Best Turkey Baster Option: Fox Run Glass Turkey Baster


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Fox Run Glass Turkey Baster

The Fox Run turkey baster contains heat- and shatter-resistant glass, with measurement markings at half-ounce intervals that stand out clearly against the tube. The tube allows cooks to measure precisely and see how much liquid has been drawn up without the risk of melting or leaching flavor, as can happen with plastic basters. For cooks using the Fox Run baster to siphon fat off of soups and stews, the visual acuity is also helpful to make sure only the fat, and not the flavorful broth, is being removed. The silicone bulb is easy to squeeze and strong enough to prevent drips, and the 12-inch length is ideal for most uses. The baster can be disassembled for simple cleaning, and while it is dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended.

The Best Turkey Baster Option: Norpro Nylon Turkey Baster


BEST BUDGET: Norpro Nylon Turkey Baster

The Norpro Nylon Turkey Baster looks like a basic plastic baster, but hidden inside this simple option is thoughtful construction that renders it highly effective. The nylon baster is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit—so there’s no danger of melting when filled with boiling liquid or leaching chemicals into your food. The 10.5-inch translucent tube allows users to see how much liquid has been drawn up, and helpful measurement markings impressed on the tube allow for precision basting (though the markings are a bit difficult to see). The bulb is easy-squeeze silicone for powerful, dripless suction, and the two pieces of the baster come apart for cleaning. Priced lower than some cups of coffee, the Norpro Nylon Turkey Baster is a smart budget choice.