The Best Vacuum Sealers for the Kitchen

Vacuum sealers provide clean, easy storage and preservation of fresh meat, vegetables, and dry goods. Preserve the life of your food and prevent freezer burn with these helpful kitchen tools.

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The Best Vacuum Sealer Options


Vacuum sealers can cut costs on meat purchases, save energy, preserve flavors, and enhance modern cooking methods. For a long time, vacuum sealers were gimmicky, as-seen-on-tv products, but modern sealers are sleek, incredibly useful tools to have in your kitchen. The device seals a package using a vacuum, removing air within the container—allowing meat to stay fresh and free of freezer burn for months. Seal and store fresh-picked summer vegetables for flavor over winter, seal and freeze coffee beans to maintain their flavour, the possibilities are vast. For cooks who use sous vide to cook, a vacuum sealer is essential to safely enclose the meat before submersion.

When choosing the best vacuum sealer, the size of the motor and potential suction matters—if the device won’t pull all the air out, it won’t be as effective. The mechanics of vacuuming create heat, so some devices are specifically heat-safe to avoid burning out with repeated use. Those that aren’t heat-safe can still be great machines, but will be better for occasional users. Some sealers can be used with or without suction, allowing users to simply seal packages they’ve already opened, which is a handy feature in any kitchen. We’ve narrowed down the market and indicated some leading recommendations.

Our Top Picks

With your shopping considerations in mind, choose one of these high-performing vacuum sealers to suit your cooking and storage needs.

The Best Vacuum Sealer Option: FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer Machine


BEST OVERALL: FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer Machine

FoodSaver is a giant in the vacuum sealer world. One of the first companies to develop efficient home sealing technology, the company spent years honing what home cooks need in their vacuum sealers and removing unnecessary steps. This machine features a simple one-handed lock and latch system that seals the bag. A series of LED lights guide users through the sealing process, removing the need for different operation settings. Two mechanisms work to prevent leaks: an extra-wide sealing strip and an integrated drip tray, which catches any extra liquid expelled during sealing. The machine also features an accessory hose compatible with additional accessories, such as the mason jar sealer available for purchase separately. The package includes a 10-foot roll of sealing material plus sealing bags in two sizes⁠—once you get to know your specific sealing needs, many more supplies are available separately. The V2244 doesn’t have an onboard cool down system, so it’s important to let it cool for a few minutes in between seals. Once sealed, it will keep meat fresh in your freezer for three years, much longer than the average 4-6 months without vacuum sealing.

The Best Vacuum Sealer Option: Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine


BEST DESIGN: Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine

For cooks who don’t want another unsightly appliance on their counter, the Geryon Vacuum Sealer machine fits the bill. Sacrificing nothing in terms of power and function, the Geryon is sleek silver or black, unobtrusive, and compact. The Geryon features two sealing modes that users select with soft-touch digital buttons on the LED light control panel. The dry function pulls the air out of bags and containers filled with dry goods, while the wet function adjusts the suction to preserve foods with moisture or marinade without extracting the liquid. This sealer is automatic: the user will have to insert the bag, press down to lock the sealer in place, start the seal, then unlock and remove after the process is finished. On top of its user-friendly features, It’s quieter than many sealing models. The Geryon comes with a roll of seal, a selection of sealing bags, and an accessory hose for zipper bags and accessories that are available for purchase separately.

The Best Vacuum Sealer Option: KOIOS Vacuum Sealer



The KOIOS Vacuum Sealer offers a collection of features not available on other home sealers. The heat strip has a layer of embedded mica sheet allowing it to withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit: users can perform up to 40 consecutive seals without needing to stop the device for cool down. This is a great option for bulk buyers or cooks processing whole animals. An electromagnetic pump provides 40% more power than most other machines in this fully automatic sealer. Soft-touch buttons allow for customization, and a child-safety lock and automatic shutoff turns the sealer off if the lid isn’t closed properly, reducing chances of injury or damage. The cutter on this KOIOS model is external and handheld, allowing for truly custom bag sizes and waste reduction. The sealer comes with a roll of seal, bags, the cutter, and an accessory hose, providing users with the essential tools necessary for sealing.

The Best Vacuum Sealer Option: FoodSaver 311 Vacuum Sealer


BEST PORTABLE: FoodSaver 311 Vacuum Sealer

Perfect for cooks who don’t have space for another appliance or those who need to seal on the go, the FoodSaver 311 is a conveniently handheld, portable sealer. The device is surprisingly powerful and simple to operate. Compatible with all FoodSaver zipper bags and fresh containers, it can seal up to 60 bags on a 24-hour charge, then charges swiftly in its minimalist countertop charger. Due to its petite size, the FoodSaver 311 doesn’t boast many extra features: it gets the job done, is easy to operate, and works with the touch of a button. This FoodSaver vacuum sealer is great for beginners who aren’t ready to invest in a countertop version or cooks who want to seal while traveling. The FoodSaver 311 includes a charger docking station and four 1-quart vacuum seal zipper bags.

The Best Vacuum Sealer Option: Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer


UPGRADE PICK: Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

Designed for heavy-duty use, the commercial-grade Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer is perfect for large batches and near-constant use. The motor is powered by a double piston vacuum pump, which makes short work of even the largest jobs and is fan-cooled to avoid overheating. The Weston has an automatic feature, which seals bags at the touch of a button. A manual option allows you to choose the degree of vacuum to protect delicate foods at risk of crushing. An extra-wide 5-millimeter seal allows the vacuum to seal through moisture, so even wet foods will be completely vacuumed and closed. The wide seal bar accommodates rolls and bags up to 15 inches wide. This unit is clearly intended for commercial or heavy-duty processing and operates with much more power than an occasional user needs.

The Best Vacuum Sealer Option: Geryon Vacuum Sealer


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Geryon Vacuum Sealer

With a wider length than many of their competitors, Geryon presents a vacuum sealer that works on longer and larger foodstuffs. This slimline design uses an automatic mechanism for hands-free vacuum sealing. Seal indicator lights offer ease of operation, and a stop function further controls the vacuum pressure This unit will also seal regular smooth bags in your kitchen—reseal bags of chips and pretzels to keep them crunchy or bread bags for moisture. The package includes the sealer, a selection of bags, and a roll of sealing material for custom sizes, and is priced considerably lower than other sealers with less functionality.