The Best Whiskey Glasses for Your Bar

Sit back and sip your way to smooth relaxation with a glass that lets your whiskey take center stage.

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The Best Whiskey Glass Options


A good whiskey glass may look like any other glass, but the difference lies in the details. A heavy, weighted bottom, thick glass or crystal walls, a thin or fluted lip—these glasses are designed to serve whiskey at its finest, keeping the drinker’s hand from warming the liquor, delivering a smooth sip to the tongue, and weighing down the hand to remind the holder to slow down and savor the flavor.

Nearly all whiskey glasses on the market contain glass or crystal that is lead-free. Vintage glasses in your cabinet may contain lead that will leach into your drink and slowly make you sick, so in this case, going modern is a safer bet. Size, balance, and shape matter for some types of whiskey to reach its full potential. If you’re planning to use these glasses specifically for the liquor they’re named after, keep the whiskey type in mind. The best whiskey glass for you may also take into consideration style and weight, depending on if you have design preferences and how you want it to feel in your hand.

Our Top Picks

This guide narrows down the market to present some of the most attractive and quality whiskey glasses available.

Best Overall

The Best Whiskey Glass Option: Glencairn Whisky Glass Set of 4The Best Whiskey Glass Option: Glencairn Whisky Glass Set of 4

The gentle tulip shape of the Glencairn Whisky Glass is designed to concentrate and highlight the aroma of single-malt, scotch, and bourbon whiskeys, along with blended whiskeys and other aromatics. The wide bulb gives the liquor room to breathe, and the narrowing nose concentrates the scent as it travels towards the drinker, reaching them just before the liquid itself. The shapely foot at the bottom of the 7-ounce Glencarin glass is just the right size to hold comfortably so that heat from your hand doesn’t warm the whiskey.

This set of four Glencairn whiskey glasses are made from sturdy, lustrous lead-free crystal for a solid-feeling weight without unnecessary bulk. This set is ideal for individuals or a small gathering. For larger tastings, the glasses are also available in a set of twelve. Comfortable to hold, designed to bring out the very best in your whiskey, and durable while still feeling delicate, these glasses from Glencairn are our leading recommendation.


The Best Whiskey Glass Option: Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses Set of 4

Venero puts a contemporary twist on the traditional square rocks glass—literally. The glasses appear as though someone gripped the tops and twisted them sideways for an unusually attractive aesthetic. The Venero glasses are blown from solid crystal for a pleasant heft and protect your delicate bourbon and scotch from the heat of your hands. The weighted base offers stability and additional temperature insulation.

This set of four Venero whiskey glasses have a 10-ounce size, leaving room for a generous double-shot pour plus ice and mixers, while still feeling compact in your hand. The flat bottom rests firmly on a table, and the glasses are dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup. Great for sipping indoors by the fire but durable enough to risk taking out on the patio, these Venero glasses are a great all-purpose set.

Best Traditional Style

The Best Whiskey Glass Option: Riedel Vinum Whisky Glass Set of 2

These Riedel glasses feature a graceful thistle shape, allowing the whiskey to breathe and develop a full-bodied aroma, before sliding up the narrower part of the glass to be sipped from the traditional gently flared lip. A flat, stable foot keeps the glass steady and gives the drinker a broad surface to hold, keeping the hands away from the walls of the glass where body heat might warm the liquor.

The 7-ounce Riedel glasses are specifically intended to improve the drinking of single-malt whiskey, as the curved lip delivers liquor to the tip of the tongue, where the taste buds that register sweetness are most concentrated. The liquor then travels across the remaining taste buds, bringing out the depth and flavor of single-malt whiskey. Beautifully crafted of lead-free fine crystal, this set of two Vinum glasses is dishwasher safe.

Best Mid-Century Modern

The Best Whiskey Glass Option: Taylor’d Milestones Glassware Whiskey Glass Set of 2

The clean lines of this Taylor’d Milestones Glassware set call to mind the aesthetic of the mid-20th century. Made of an especially clear lead-free glass that allows the manufacturer to create a thicker base and sidewalls without sacrificing clarity, the plain round glass is elegant without being stodgy.

This set of two 10-ounce glasses is aimed at scotch and bourbon whiskeys and is also suited to other rocks-glass cocktails. The weight contained within the heavy base makes for a solid feel in the hand, and the tiny diamond logo etched into the bottom of every Taylor’d Milestones glass adds a subtle finishing touch.

Best Art Deco

The Best Whiskey Glass Option: Maketh The Man Premium Art Deco Whiskey Glass Set

The triple repetition of sharp geometric ridges at the bottom of these square Maketh the Man glasses bring the glamour of the 1930s Art Deco period to your bar. Thick, radiant glass offers a stable base and sides of these 10-ounce glasses, making them ideal for bourbon and scotch, along with other iced drinks, as well as mixed cocktails and even desserts.

Even the box in which they’re carefully packed is a show, with its black and gold shades and a satin ribbon to tie it closed. This Maketh The Man set of two whiskey glasses is a great gift that doesn’t require wrapping. Durable, scratch-resistant, and dishwasher safe, these glasses uniquely styled glasses add a touch of artistic class to the table or bartop.

Best Eclectic

The Best Whiskey Glass Option: Set of 2 The Original BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass

Giving new meanings to the words “shot” and “bulletproof,” the BenShot USA Bullet Rocks Glass set combines great function with a very edgy form. Each of these two 11-ounce rocks glasses has a real .308 Lehigh Defense bullet molded into the side as if the glass has been shot and curved around the bullet to stop it from entering your whiskey. BenShot assures its customers that the glass and bullet are both lead-free and that no gunpowder or casing is present on the bullet itself, so it’s safe—and fun—to drink from.

The set of two roguish BenShot USA glasses are handmade in a workshop using skilled craftsmen who know how to bend the glass while maintaining its structure. The heavy base feels good in your hands as the bullet tucks between your fingers. Hand wash to protect the glass and the bullet, and enjoy the conversation these glasses are sure to start.

Best Contemporary Style

The Best Whiskey Glass Option: JoyJolt Carre Square Scotch GlassesThe Best Whiskey Glass Option: JoyJolt Carre Square Scotch Glasses

The sharp square edges of the JoyJolt Carre scotch glasses make a statement in your hand. Thick and glossy with asymmetrical jagged square edges forming the base, these JoyJolt glasses are solid and heavy—using an element of design to keep the heat of your hands from warming your drink.

This set of two JoyJolt Carre scotch glasses are handmade by artisans using architectural lines to present a rugged elegance. Their 10-ounce capacity is intended for bourbon and scotch but can be used for essentially any liquor. The JoyJolt Carre glasses are dishwasher safe and heavy-duty, complete with tasteful, gift-worthy packaging.

Best Design

The Best Whiskey Glass Option: Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses

The base of the diamond-shaped Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glasses is the point of the diamond, setting these 10-ounce glasses at a 50-degree angle to give whiskey, bourbon, scotch, or even wine enough room to aerate as your pour and swirl. While the angle of the glass looks precarious on the table, the glasses are designed not to rock.

The set of two Dragon Glassware pieces provide a topic for small talk with your guests, as their cut-glass angles will catch the light and draw the eye. Made of clear, heavy, lead-free glass, the Diamond Whiskey Glasses are dishwasher safe, but also refrigerator and freezer safe if you prefer to chill your glasses, rather than watering down your drink with ice.