The Best Wine Decanter Aerators for Aroma, Flavor, and Clarity

These beautifully-designed decanter aerators let red wine breathe and remove sediment, providing clarity, stronger aromas, and softer flavor.

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The Best Wine Decanter Options


Wine connoisseurs recognize the importance of quality wine decanters and aerators. Some wines develop sediment in the bottom of the bottle as they age. This occurs more often with red wines, though white wines can sometimes leave sediment, and are more likely to leave tartrate crystals, which are a different kind of deposit. A decanter removes the dregs by leaving them in the bottle, leaving you with clear liquid. An aerator adds oxygen to the wine, which improves softens the taste and enhances aromas. Decanter aerators serve both purposes: wines can be left in the vessel to aerate and for sediment to settle, and others can simply be aerated and poured immediately.

Some decanter aerators are simple vessels with a wide, shallow bowl for air to infuse naturally into the wine. Others are mechanized devices that use pressure to force air into the wine and filter the sediment with a screen, so consider which method you would prefer. Most wine decanter aerators are available in clear glass and acrylic, glass being the costlier and more fragile option. You may opt for a utilitarian device that will get the job done, or a tasteful complement to your table setting. Lastly, keep budget in mind.

Our Top Picks

This guide narrows down the market to showcase top-performing and stylish wine decanter aerators.

The Best Wine Decanter Option: Smaier U-Shape Wine Aerator Decanter


BEST OVERALL: Smaier U-Shape Wine Aerator Decanter

The Smaier U-Shape Wine Aerator Decanter provides optimum surface aeration for up to 1500 ml of wine, equivalent to two standard bottles. This is far from a utilitarian device: an exquisite U-shaped vessel of clear hand blown glass, the Smaier looks like a piece of art. One side of the U functions as a handle, while the other is widened to allow for easy aeration and pouring. The wine resides in the widest portion of the decanter at the bottom of the U, where the carefully designed shape will trap any sediment in the bottom as the wine is poured into glasses. Highly functional, modestly priced, and exceedingly elegant, the Smaier Aerator Decanter makes a statement on the table.

The Best Wine Decanter Option: Le Chateau Wine Decanter


RUNNER-UP: Le Chateau Wine Decanter

The Le Chateau Wine Decanter provides an element of sophistication to a table or bar, with hand blown crystal shimmering along its elegant lines. This vessel offers one of the largest breathable surface area exposures on the market and accommodates a full bottle of wine. Its wide, shallow base allows more wine to roll down the wide neck and pool in the shallow bottom, providing maximum air contact. This thoughtful design oxidizes wine swiftly and the flavors develop more easily. The wide base and slanted neck causes the wine to be poured off into a glass smoothly, leaving any sediment trapped in the bowl of the decanter. Requiring no fancy pieces or mechanisms, the Le Chateau does the job of aerating and decanting wines simply and beautifully.

The Best Wine Decanter Option: Zazzol Wine Aerator DecanterThe Best Wine Decanter Option: Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter


MOST PORTABLE: Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

Traveling or heading out for a picnic doesn’t mean you have to settle for sediment-filled, unaerated wine. The Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter is designed to slip into a purse, bag, or picnic basket for clear and flavorful wines on the go. Shaped like the top of a champagne flute, the Zazzol is made of thick glass. Its mechanism is similar to a coffee percolator: while holding the Zazzol over your glass, pour the wine into the top of the aerator. A diffusing plate will spin the wine out so that it rolls down the glass sides in a thin sheet, beginning the aeration process. Next the wine will flow through the drizzle plate, where 32 holes break the wine into micro droplets to further aerate and strain it, before air percolates through behind the wine for maximum aeration.

While many aerator decanters require a waiting period for the oxygen to react with the wine and the sediment to settle, the Zazzol offers immediate drinkability. The Zazzol includes a stand to hold the device, drip-free, between uses. Just under 8 inches long and 3 inches in diameter, the Zazzol includes a tidy traveling pouch, making it simple to take wherever you’re going.

The Best Wine Decanter Option: Menu Winebreather CarafeThe Best Wine Decanter Option: Menu Winebreather Carafe


MOST VERSATILE: Menu Winebreather Carafe

Menu’s Wine Breather Carafe is simple to use, offering several options for decanting and serving your wine. There’s no need to carefully angle a bottle to decant the wine: the rubber seal on the top of the Winebreather fits tightly over the top of a newly opened bottle. After securing it there, simply flip the bottle and decanter over. Watch as the wine flows freely into the decanter, aerating as it spills down the sides and pools in the base of the decanter.

If you prefer to serve your wine directly from the decanter, remove the wine bottle and pour straight from the decanter into the glass. Alternatively, you can flip the decanter and bottle back over to drain the aerated wine back into the bottle for serving. For particularly heavy red wines, this process can be repeated several times to further aeration, and entertain your guests as you flip the bottles over like an hourglass. The sturdy glass decanter is simple to clean by hand and also dishwasher safe.

The Best Wine Decanter Option: Vinturi Deluxe Essential Pourer and Decanter Tower


MOST INNOVATIVE: Vinturi Deluxe Essential Pourer and Decanter Tower

For a dramatic presentation, the Vinturi Deluxe Essential Pourer and Decanter Tower makes an impressive statement on the table or bar. The aerator itself is simple: a palm-sized device houses a patented design that increases the wine’s velocity as it’s poured through, while at the same time decreasing its pressure, drawing in just the right amount of air to bring out the flavors and aromas. The aerator fits onto a dramatically swooped glass tower arm that holds it positioned perfectly above your glass, incorporating a fine-mesh sieve to catch cork bits and sediment before the wine pours into the glass. The base of the arm includes a drip catcher and screen, so there are no splashes as you pour. Vinturi’s mechanism creates a distinctive gurgle as the wine aerates, so you’ll know it’s working properly, and presents beautifully when pouring a glass or a whole bottle for guests.

The Best Wine Decanter Option: Mixologist World Wine Carafe Decanter Aerator


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Mixologist World Red Wine Decanter Set

Mixologist offers a lead-free, hand-blown glass vessel that provides great aeration, easy decanting, and a wide flat base for attractive display of your wine while it aerates. This decanter can also be used to store wine if you’re not finished with the bottle: a ball-shaped cork stopper rests gently in the neck of the bottle to keep contaminants and dust from settling in as your wine aerates. Cleaning is simple with the included brush. The Mixologist is a great bargain for the wine drinker who wants a functional, attractive decanter aerator without spending too much.