The Best Wine Racks for Your Home

Preserve your wine for longer by storing it horizontally and out of harm’s way in one of these sturdy and stylish wine racks.

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The Best Wine Rack Options


Many of us have a few bottles of wine kicking around in the fridge or on the counter, but the height and width of wine bottles makes them difficult to store efficiently. Wine racks keep your bottles stored securely at a horizontal angle to preserve the cork and offer a design statement to your kitchen or dining room.

Today’s wine racks come in all materials, shapes, and sizes, from single-bottle racks to 96 bottles at a time in different configurations for table, floor, and wall. Wood and metal are by far the most popular choices of material, since bottles full of wine get heavy quickly. Finding the right combination of capacity, style, and materials will help you choose the best wine rack for your home.

Our Top Pick

We searched the market to present recommendations for some of the most secure and attractive wine racks available—choose the rack best suited to your taste and storage needs.

The Best Wine Rack Option: J.K. Adams Ash Wood 12 Bottle Wine Rack


BEST OVERALL: J.K. Adams Ash Wood 12 Bottle Wine Rack

Sustainably crafted from Vermont ash trees, the J.K. Adams 12 Bottle Wine Rack holds wine horizontally in a design that is sturdy and versatile. The wood wine rack consists of a modular peg and rail, meaning that buyers can assemble the pieces of smooth, sanded ash into whatever configuration is best for their space—whether that’s a square, oblong, honeycomb shape, or an irregular pattern to fit under an odd cabinet. Since the rack has such a flexible design, you can purchase more than one to expand the capacity and the configuration options, as they are designed to fit together. Buyers with large wine collections can alternatively go with the 40-bottle size option. The rack has a natural wood color, but can be stained or painted to match your decor. Reminiscent of a classic Italian wine cellar, this J. K. Adams rack will add simple elegance to your home.

The Best Wine Rack Option: Oenophilia Bali Wine Rack, Ebony - 12 Bottle


RUNNER-UP: Oenophilia Bali Wine Rack, Ebony – 12 Bottle

Designed to call to mind the gentle leaping of waves on the Bali shore, the Oenophilia 12-Bottle Bali Wine Rack offers a little touch of modern Zen on your counter. Curves of smooth laminated wood support the wine bottles and are connected by sleek chrome pegs that disappear once the rack is filled. Even without wine bottles in place, the Oenophilia wine rack looks like a piece of art, so users don’t need to keep the rack full to create a sophisticated display. The Bali rack is small enough to fit on a counter or table, while securely holding 12 bottles of wine on their sides for maximum cork life. This tasteful Oenophilia model is a worthy option for shoppers who like modern and tropical design in their home.

The Best Wine Rack Option: Rustic State Wall Mounted Wood Wine Rack


BEST MULTI-PURPOSE: Rustic State Wall Mounted Wood Wine Rack

Rustic State’s Wall Mounted Wood Wine Rack is an excellent option for shoppers interested in preserving cabinet and counter space. Crafted from smooth wood and matte black metal, the rack has the appearance of an old-fashioned luggage rack and supports five bottles horizontally on the top. Black metal ovals coil over the tops of the slats to keep each bottle in place almost invisibly. Underneath, a second set of wooden slats are fashioned into channels to support stemware hanging upside down. The Rustic State wall rack is a complete solution to a space or storage problem: keep your wine and glasses together in charming farmhouse style. The rack is easy to assemble and includes hanging hardware, but buyers should check to make sure the hardware is compatible with their wall material and adjust as needed.

The Best Wine Rack Option: Smartxchoices 72-Bottle Freestanding Wine Rack


BEST LARGE CAPACITY: Smartxchoices 72-Bottle Freestanding Wine Rack

Wine-lovers with large collections can have trouble finding a way to store their bottles in a cost-effective and safe way. The Smartxchoices 72-Bottle Wine Rack is a 6-tier solid pine rack that is customizable to meet the storage needs of your collection. Assembly is tool-free, and there are several depth options for each row, so users can designate some rows for shorter bottles and others for standard length. Curves in the wood keep the bottles from rolling side to side while they’re stored horizontally to keep the corks moist and extend the wine’s life. The rack sits firmly on flooring and carpeting, and multiple units can be placed side by side or stacked for even more storage. Priced very reasonably, this rack is one of the least expensive options you’ll find to safely store this much wine.

The Best Wine Rack Option: Oceanstar 12-Bottle Natural Bamboo Wine Rack


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Oceanstar 12-Bottle Natural Bamboo Wine Rack

The Oceanstar 12-Bottle Bamboo Wine Rack uses strong, sustainable bamboo to support up to 12 bottles horizontally in this pagoda-shaped table rack. The beautiful upward arch of the rack offers a unique decor piece, both when the rack is full and when partially empty. The top arches can be used as handles to move the rack, and the smooth clear finish means there is no danger of splinters, only a gentle lustre. Alternatively, this Oceanstar rack can be used for storing rolled towels, sorting mail, or other items convenient to keep on the counter. With its attractive appearance and multifunctionality, this sustainable bamboo rack is very modestly priced.