The Best Zesters for the Kitchen

Add citrus zest to enhance the flavor of your dishes and garnish meals using these handy kitchen utensils.

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The Best Zester Options


If you’re looking to add an array of intricate flavors and colors to your dishes, a zester is a great place to start. Zesters feature a handle and bladed area that scrapes the outer peel of citrus fruits. These simple kitchen utensils come in various shapes and sizes, with some varieties capable of grating other ingredients like chocolate and coconut to garnish desserts.

The best zester models are durable, comfortable to use, and easy to clean. When purchasing this tool, think about the ingredients you want to zest. If you’re planning to stick with citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, you can opt for a conventional zester. For grating ingredients like ginger and hard cheese, choose a microplane that offers more delicate grating abilities.

Our Top Picks

These zester recommendations can add wonderful taste and style to your meal. Make your selection based on your cooking routine and needs.

The Best Zester Option: Microplane 40020 Classic Zester


1. BEST OVERALL: Microplane 40020 Classic Zester

This Microplane tool can tackle zesting of all sorts, designed using specialized photo-etched technology to produce an ultra-sharp grating blade. Its brilliantly sharp zesting abilities are backed by surgical grade stainless steel for extra precision, allowing users to grate a host of ingredients beyond citrus fruits, including firm cheeses and hard spices. The Classic Zester’s large BPA-free plastic handle provides a secure and safe grip. The zester features a hole built into the handle and can be hung up in the cupboard for convenience. While this zester is dishwasher safe, you can simply rinse it under the tap after use, then scrub it with a kitchen brush to remove the remaining zest.

The Best Zester Option: OXO Good Grips Zester



When it comes to kitchen utensils, OXO consistently provides top-quality products. The Good Grips Zester has a stainless steel blade specifically etched to ensure ultimate grating and zesting precision to make culinary tasks a breeze. Thanks to its large grating and zesting surface, you can quickly generate a lot of citrus rind or grated cheese in a matter of moments. The nonslip handle provides a firm grip on the zester with a nonslip foot adding further control to your grating. Once finished, you can simply wash the Good Grips Zester, brush away the rind, and pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

The Best Zester Option: Microplane 46220 Premium Zester


3. MOST ERGONOMIC: Microplane 46220 Premium Zester

The specialized stainless steel microblades featured in this 46220 Premium Zester will carry out a range of grating and zesting tasks. Its ergonomically-designed soft-grip handle ensures comfortable use, offering nonslip performance through a secure hold. This sleek model comes in an array of colors, including turquoise, gray, black, coral, fuchsia, orange, and baby blue, and is bound to brighten up your kitchen and cooking experience. While the Microplane 46220 Premium Zester is dishwasher safe, you should hand wash the cover. Once finished, users have the option to hang the zester using the hole conveniently built into the handle.

The Best Zester Option: Integrity Chef PRO Citrus Zester


4. MOST PROFESSIONAL: Integrity Chef PRO Citrus Zester

The Integrity Chef PRO Citrus Zester is for professional chefs and home cooks alike. This citrus zester and cheese grater contains highly effective stainless steel microblades. The heavy-duty, reinforced handle is ergonomically designed to reduce hand stress. Its nonslip construction provides extra precision and reliability while creating masterpieces in the kitchen. An eye-catching Integrity Chef crest decorates the handle, matching the crested sheath also included with the zester. An antibacterial blade cover protects the user’s hands and health. The Integrity Chef PRO Citrus Zester can easily be tossed in the dishwasher or cleaned by hand.

The Best Zester Option: JOFUYU Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater



This fantastic kit by JOFUYU contains an amazing zester for citrus and cheese, a plastic zester cover, and a little brush to make cleaning simple. Featuring premium stainless steel, this zester is a genuinely versatile device and can aid you in grating mounds of delicious parmesan, citrus rinds, or decadent chocolate. The nonslip silicone handle offers control and comfort, with a built-in hole for hanging when not in use. A stabilizing nonslip foot allows users to place the device on the counter and zest away through a different method. The zester, cover, and brush are all conveniently dishwasher safe.