Bob Vila and the Three Little Pigs—What Gives?

If you're going to build your house out of cotton candy or playing cards, you might want to check in first with someone who knows plenty about home building.

By Larry Bilotti | Updated Jun 17, 2019 12:02 PM

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Bob Vila and the Three Little Pigs - Speakaboos

Screen shot courtesy of Speakaboos.

Most people know Bob Vila by sight—either from his early years as host of the long-running PBS series This Old House or his own cable shows, most notably Bob Vila’s Home Again. Many also recognize him by voice, from the now iconic, “Hi, I’m Bob Vila, welcome home again!” greeting that opened every TV show, and the warm, friendly intro that begins each of the daily Bob Vila Radio spots, “Hi, Bob Vila here, ready to help you out with my home improvement tip of the day!” But, regardless of how you know Bob Vila, you know the name is synonymous with home improvement and DIY.

So, when the inventive team at Speakaboos, creators of Web-based and mobile animated read- and sing-along storybooks for kids, reached out to Bob to do a voice-over for one of the characters in “The Three Little Pigs,” they didn’t have to huff…or puff…or blow the house down to get him to say yes. After all, who better to help the pigs in their house-building efforts than the master himself? (It’s possible that Bob’s granddaughter, Shea, may have had a little something to do with his enthusiasm for the project as well!)

Bob Vila and the Three Little Pigs - Builder Pig

The main characters in Speakaboos’ “The Three Little Pigs.”

Today, we are thrilled to announce that the new interactive story “The Three Little Pigs,” starring Bob Vila as the voice of Peter, the builder pig, is now available on the Speakaboos iPad app. Featuring colorful animated characters, the app is a hilarious new take on the classic tale, in which three pigs, disgruntled with their creaky, leaky, moldy old shack, decide to build new houses. Although some of the building materials—playing cards and cotton candy—are not options any respectable homeowner would go for, these touches make for an amusing and engaging story sure to please the whole family. Listen together as builder Peter constructs his own house out of bricks and shares some sound advice with the group.

The interactive story includes three modes of play for early readers, highlighted text, and story-based interactive dialogue and games. And best of all, you can download the Speakaboos iPad app for free at iTunes.

Bob Vila and the Three Little Pigs - Wolf

The wolf at the door—almost, courtesy of Speakaboos.