Bob Vila Radio: Banquettes

In an awkwardly shaped or small-size space, banquettes are casual dining spots perfectly suited for breakfast and snack time.

Banquette seating has a nostalgic charm that may remind you of your favorite diner or that cozy spot in your grandmother’s kitchen. But banquettes have more to offer than nice memories—they’re also smart space-savers. Is a banquette right for your kitchen? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

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Kitchen Banquettes


Banquettes are great for providing seating in areas that are too tight for a traditional table and chairs. They make good casual dining spots and are perfectly suited for breakfasts and snack time (that’s why they’re so common in eat-in kitchens). And banquettes excel at making the most of awkward corners or alcoves, transforming these potentially wasted spaces into functional, welcoming dining nooks.

A banquette isn’t the best choice, however, for large families, particularly in homes that lack a more formal dining space. Bench-style seating means disruption every time someone needs to get up for a glass of milk or another piece of bread. And while banquette benches are fun seating for kids, they can be tough for older family members to negotiate.

Finally, it can be difficult to keep the bench clean. If you opt for a banquette, you may want to invest in a table that can be rolled in and out for easier access to those crumb-littered corners of the banquette.

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