Bob Vila Radio: Bathroom Flooring Options

By Sarah Monzon & Bob Vila | Updated Apr 29, 2016 4:31 PM

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Bathrooms are, like it or not, wet areas. Even if the rest of your house has gleaming hardwood floors, they’re not the best choice for bathroom floors. While some wood-look laminates can be glued and sealed to resist moisture, if water does get beneath the surface, the affected panels have to be replaced, which isn’t simple or cheap. 

Cork flooring’s a good alternative if you want that warm wood feeling. Cork is naturally anti-microbial and mildew-resistant. All it needs is a coat or two of eco-friendly acrylic binder to seal the joints and make it suitable for bathroom installation. 

If you’re going with tile, look for a sandblasted or textured finish for the floor to prevent slipping. Any stone or tile can be very cold underfoot, so you might want to install an electric radiant heat mat underneath. Vinyl tiles win for cheapest and easiest to work with. They don’t last as long as sheet vinyl, though, and the gaps between them can be hard to seal. 

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