Bob Vila Radio: Butterfly Gardens

Create a colorful oasis for butterflies by picking the right plants.

Watching a butterfly flit low above a garden is one of summer’s great delights. You can attract these delicate creatures and create a nurturing oasis for them by planting a butterfly garden.


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First, pick the right plants. Purple coneflowers and asters are both good butterfly-attractors, but different species of butterfly drink the nectar of different flowers. Find out what butterflies are common in your region so you can choose the right plants.

For greatest success, aim for a mix of flowers that will produce fresh blooms throughout the summer. You’ll also need host plants, which serve as sites for the butterflies to lay eggs and as food for the larvae. Clover and violets are hosts for some species, but again, research your area.

Butterflies need sun, so plant your garden in a spot that gets at least six hours of sunlight each day. They also need shelter, so include a protected area where butterflies can lay eggs away from harsh winds, flat rocks where they can rest their wings, and water for hydration and important minerals.

Insecticides will kill larvae, so instead of spraying your entire garden, spot treat insect-infected plants.

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