Bob Vila Radio: Christmas Tree Crafts

When the holiday season ends, make use of this year's Christmas tree as a craft supply with these DIY ideas.

By Roseann Foley Henry | Updated Dec 28, 2013 12:40 PM

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Right now, there may be more than 25 million cut Christmas trees adorning rooms throughout the United States. Within the next week or so, they will all be stripped of their decorations and dragged unceremoniously to the street.


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Christmas Tree Crafts


Sure, some of these trees will be chipped for mulch or stored for kindling. But if you already have all the mulch you need and don’t have a wood-burning fireplace, how else can you use your tree?

Fortunately, you have options: Pine needles make not only excellent mulch, but also wonderful sachets that let you enjoy the fragrance of the season well into the new year. They’re also handy for stuffing pincushions or dog beds, and they can be dried for potpourri.

Once the needles have been removed, the wood from a Christmas tree can keep a determined DIYer busy for days. Consider slicing rounds from the trunk that, set on edge, can serve as a garden border. Or make drinks coasters—or even trivets—by cutting thinner rounds, sanding and polyurethaning them, and gluing on a felt backing.

If this all sounds like too much work, just stand the bare trunk outside—come spring, it can become a rustic trellis for trailing plants like morning glories.

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