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There’s nothing more frustrating than having to untangle a mess of extension cords before you can get started with your project.           

When you buy a new cord, pay attention to how it’s coiled. That’s how it wants to stay. There’s a certain amount of finesse to it, but try to follow the direction the cord wants to go.

Wrapping an extension cord around your arm to coil it back up quickly will twist and strain the cable inside. That’ll cause it to tangle in an instant and will shorten the life of the cord. A short length of clothesline or Velcro at the end will give you a permanent way to tie the coiled cable up and hang it neatly.

If you’ve got a really long cable you don’t want to re-coil each time, use the old bucket trick. Find an old 5-gallon paint bucket and drill a hole near the bottom. Let the female plug hang a couple feet out the hole, then coil the rest of the cable around the inside of the bucket and keep the male end at the top.

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