Bob Vila Radio: Decorating with Mirrors

Decorate with mirrors to brighten the dark spaces in your home and to make the smaller ones appear larger.

By Roseann Foley Henry | Updated Sep 25, 2013 11:15 AM

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Small restaurants have known this trick for years—covering one entire wall with a mirror instantly doubles the size of the space, at least visually. Decorating with mirrors, when done well, can add light, space, and drama to any room.


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Decorating with Mirrors


A mirrored wall or large-framed mirror works extremely well for brightening up a dark hallway or a small room. Just hang or install the mirror facing a doorway or window to catch whatever light is available and reflect it back into the space. In a dining room, a well-placed mirror can reflect candlelight from the table, creating a truly dramatic effect.

Mirrors tend to be heavy, so if you’re hanging a framed mirror, be sure to screw your picture hanger into a stud and not just drywall or plaster, and be sure the picture hanger you choose is rated for the weight of the mirror.

Frameless mirrors, like those used to cover an entire wall or a portion of a bathroom wall, can be glued to the wall using a special mirror adhesive. (Don’t use regular adhesive, which can destroy the backing—you’ll end up with a shattered mirror all over the floor one day.) It also helps to use special suction cups to hold the mirror safely while you position it and press it against the wall.

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