Bob Vila Radio: Dog Fences

We all know they don’t like to be fenced in, but after thousands of years of domestication, dogs need boundaries to be safe.

Photo: North Georgia Fence Builders


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If your yard isn’t fenced or you’d simply like to keep Rover out of the lily bed, you can build him a dog run with 4- to 7-foot wire or polyethylene rolled fencing. You can stake it into the ground without heavy equipment, and this dark mesh fencing is designed to be easily movable, strong and unobtrusive.

You can also find chain link or powder-coated metal kennel kits to keep your dog safe outside and limit his range. Look for fencing that’s 12-gauge or heavier and doesn’t include aluminum fittings, which can weaken over time outside.

Some underground electronic fence systems are wireless now so you don’t have to dig ditches. As the dog approaches the fence, his collar emits first a warning sound and then an electronic stimulus, or “correction,” to keep him away. Training has to accompany this system, and you want to check the battery regularly to avoid confusing your dog.

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