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Bob Vila Radio: Energy-Saving Light Switches

Wherever lights are accidentally left on a lot, your home is leaking money. Sometimes just changing the switch can solve the problem.


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Wherever lights are accidentally left on a lot, your home is leaking money. Sometimes, just changing the switch can solve the problem.

Three-way switches contain three terminals so the switch is available on your way in and on your way out. A time delay or timeclock switch turns lights off automatically after a certain period of time which you can specify. And a motion-sensor switch turns lights on and off for you when you enter and leave a room.

Whole-house lighting control systems are an investment that offer all of these features, and they can also save you hassle and energy. You can control most systems wirelessly now, and some are radio-controlled within the house so you don’t have to run wires through walls, which is great for older homes. You can set outside lights to come on at sunset, dim later on, and go off at bedtime. Create pre-set “scenes” for different uses of the same room, or set your lights to come on automatically so it looks like someone’s home even when you’re out. Best of all, you can use one remote control switch to turn all the lights in the house on or off from your bedside, the front door, or even the car.

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