Bob Vila Radio: Hearing Protection

By Sarah Monzon & Bob Vila | Updated Jan 17, 2013 6:44 PM

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If you’re exposed to it long enough, any noise level above eighty-five decibels—like what you’d hear on a busy city street or in the school cafeteria—can gradually damage your hearing.

Hearing Protection



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Anything louder than that:  loud music, ambulance sirens, machinery, thunder, and yes, that fancy new table saw you got for christmas…will cause noise-induced hearing damage. Not only is hearing loss cumulative, you can’t reverse it.

The solution is to prevent it in the first place, but before you splurge on hundred-dollar custom earplugs, test-drive a pair of one-dollar polyurethane foam stoppels, which are great for blocking all sound.

You can also find earplugs for under twenty bucks that block sound over the eighty-five decibel mark but still let you hear what people around you are saying. Depending on your priorities, that can be a good thing or a bad thing!

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