Bob Vila Radio: Kraft Paper

If you’re starting a paint project and worry about protecting your floors, don’t just throw down a drop cloth. Consider kraft paper instead.

Kraft Paper



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Rolls of kraft paper, sometimes referred to as builder’s paper, are available at paint stores and home centers. The paper can be unrolled across a floor from edge to edge for perfect coverage. Unlike a drop cloth, it lays perfectly flat on the floor and can be left in place for days or even weeks. Overlap the paper by an inch or so as you lay it out, and use low-tack painter’s tape to hold it in place along the seams.

Kraft paper rolls are usually two to three feet wide, so for most rooms it only takes a few passes to cover the floor from wall to wall. You’ll have to do some custom cuts in irregular-shaped corners.

One of the best places to use kraft paper is on staircases, where a loose drop cloth can be a dangerous trip hazard. Take your time and tape down the edges and seams carefully along treads and risers.

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