Bob Vila Radio: Left-Handed Tools

If there’s a leftie on your gift list this season, they might appreciate a tool or two that’s meant for them.

Left-Handed Tools



Listen to BOB VILA ON LEFT-HANDED TOOLS or read the text below:

We’ve all heard of left-handed scissors, but what about left handed pruners and trimming shears for the garden, or measuring tapes that open left-to-right so a leftie doesn’t have to read measurements upside-down.

I’m not a leftie myself, but I can imagine one of the hardest projects to do with your opposite hand would be troweling adhesive, plaster, or mortar. Because mason’s trowels are notched on only two sides, a left-handed version is brilliant.

A quick online search can now turn up utility knives, box cutters, and pocket knives designed in reverse– to open and operate safely and easily with the left hand. There’s even a left-handed cork screw, so lefties don’t have to turn the bottle to open it. Cheers to you lefties, for thinking outside the toolbox.

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