Bob Vila Radio: Oven Cleaning

If your oven had a busy holiday season, January is a great time to do some oven cleaning before it makes a smoky mess, or worse, causes a fire.

Oven Cleaning



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First stop is your owner’s manual: if yours is a self-cleaning or continuous-cleaning model, you may only need to run it through the cleaning cycle and wipe up the resulting ash with a damp cloth. As a matter of fact, ovens with a special self-cleaning pyrolytic coating can be damaged if you try to clean them the old fashioned way.

For standard ovens, you’ll need to ventilate well, protect your skin and eyes, and spend some quality time with a scrub brush and a heavy-duty oven cleaner. Spread the cleaner rather than spraying it to avoid damaging wires, aluminum parts, or the door gasket. If you’re willing to be patient, homemade oven cleaner recipes usually involve baking soda, soap, or ammonia and a lot of elbow grease, and they’re easy to find online.

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