Bob Vila Radio: Pocket Neighborhoods

Savvy homebuyers these days know that a home is worth more based on its location than on its square footage.

Pocket Neighborhood



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Once you find the perfect lot, you don’t necessarily just build one great big house on it anymore. Suburban sprawl and “starter mansions” are out of style. Folks are rediscovering the ease of living within walking distance to public transportation, shopping, and even their neighbors, and they’re sacrificing extra space to make convenience and community affordable.

The concept of a suburban “pocket neighborhood” is springing up in communities across the US: Shared open space and amenities are coupled with densely organized, small-footprint homes designed to minimize energy costs. It’s all styled to recapture the beauty and character of a time when folks sat on the front porch and chatted with neighbors, grew their own tomatoes, walked to the market and let their kids roam the neighborhood. With attractive design, lower energy bills, green space, and convenience to public transportation, these pocket communities can’t help but be sustainable.

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