Bob Vila Radio: New Designs for Recessed Lighting

For homeowners, it's well worth taking a fresh look at recessed lighting, which in recent years has seen an explosion of new and exciting design options.

By Roseann Foley Henry | Updated Aug 31, 2016 7:14 PM

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Recessed lighting has always been efficient, since it takes up no space at all in a room. Over the years, as a variety of new trim kits appeared on the market, recessed lighting became even more appealing, with amenities like eyebrow kits that let you direct light in a specific direction. Today there’s a veritable explosion of new style options, making recessed lighting worth a fresh look.


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Recessed Lighting


New styles of trim kits are breaking old boundaries by extending the fixture beyond the surface of the ceiling. That may fly in the face of the whole “recessed” concept, but the result is a new slate of options with glass teardrops, metal frames, and even crystal arrangements. These trims enhance the look of the fixture and also diffuse the light to great effect.

Recessed lights are even moving out of the ceiling and into the walls and staircases, where they are terrific space-saving ideas that provide valuable light in previously dark spots. That’s a great idea for those of a certain age, especially those who don’t want to sacrifice elegant design as they get older. So if you haven’t shopped for lighting in a while, take a new look—these are not your father’s high hats anymore.

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