Bob Vila Radio: Safe Decks

By Sarah Monzon & Bob Vila | Updated Aug 21, 2012 12:45 AM

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More than a third of new homes are built with backyard decks, and they’re a really a popular do-it-yourself project. As they grow more popular we’re also seeing a rise in tragic injuries and deaths caused by deck collapses which could have been prevented with the right building techniques.

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A deck’s weakest point has been found to be its connection to the house:  in almost all collapsed decks, the main beam was attached to the house’s wooden sill with nails.  First and foremost, that connection should always be bolted.  The weight and movement of people on the deck isn’t just pushing down, it’s pulling the deck out as well, and after a season or two in the weather those nails will come right out under pressure.  Lag or straight bolts will not.

You also want to be sure that deck-to-house connection is well flashed to keep water out and prevent rot.  Even better, attach spacers before bolting them together to keep the air moving. (You can avoid the problem altogether by building a free-standing deck an inch from the house and cross-bracing the posts for stability.)

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