Bob Vila Radio: Sofa Beds

By Sarah Monzon & Bob Vila | Updated Dec 11, 2012 2:44 PM

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Where would we be during the holidays without the sleeper sofa? Sofa beds of the past are notorious for being somewhat less than comfortable, but designs have improved.

Sofa Bed



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If it’s time for a new one, you should try sleeper sofas out carefully in the showroom before you buy. Compare mattresses with memory foam, 600-spring intercoils, or even a combination of spring coils and air to keep the frame from intruding on your guests’ good night sleep.

Measure the room before you shop. While most fold out to queen size beds at 80 to 100 inches wide, if it’s more practical for your space or your guests, consider twin or chair-size sleep sofas at about 60 inches wide.

They’re less formal but if they’re your style, sometimes a good old futon couch is more comfortable to sleep on than a sleeper sofa. At a couple hundred bucks versus a couple of thousand, it’s worth comparing. Unless of course, you don’t want your guests to get too comfortable.

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