The Best Cat Blankets for Comfort and Warmth

Cat blankets can serve as beds, a place to stay cozy, or as a covering to keep pet hair off the furniture. The best cat blankets are comfortable, warm, and easy to clean.

By Oliver Harriett | Published Oct 30, 2020 9:52 AM

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The Best Cat Blanket Options


Put down a sweater, robe, tote bag, or practically anything else soft for a second, and your cat will magically appear and lie down on it. Instead of getting all your belongings covered in fur, why not buy your feline friend a cat blanket of their very own? Not only will your cat love lounging on their new blanket, but it can also protect your furnishings from excess cat hair. You can position it in your cat’s favorite spot on the sofa to keep the area hair- and dander-free, or use it as a decoy to stop your cat from sitting on items you don’t want them on. If you have a senior cat with incontinence issues, a waterproof cat blanket can help keep your couches and chairs urine-free. And of course, the best cat blankets can keep a cat warm when it’s chilly.

Our Top Picks

We considered factors like size, material, style, and ease of cleaning when compiling this list of the best cat beds available.

Best Overall


The PetFusion Premium Plus Quilted Pet Blanket is an all-around great cat blanket. Thanks to its quilted design adding extra padding, it’s comfy for cats who want to lounge on top and is warm for cats who like to snuggle up underneath on chilly nights. The outer layer is made from extremely soft, durable polyester micro plush, adding to its overall comfort, also making it pill-free. It can be placed on furniture to keep pet hair off your sofas, chairs, and more. It is machine-washable and can be put in the dryer. The diamond stitching keeps the filling in place so it shouldn’t shift around or get lumpy.

Best Fleece

The Best Cat Blanket Option: ALLISANDRO Super Soft Premium Fuzzy Fleece Blanket

Synthetic fleece has advantages over traditional materials in that it’s easy to care for, has closely-packed fibers that retain warmth, and is not heavy. The ALLISANDRO Super Soft Fleece Blanket is large enough to use as a throw on sofas or chairs to protect them from clawing and shedding and can be folded into a size suitable for bedding. It’s machine-washable and dries quickly, making it a good, lightweight option for camping or traveling with a pet.

Best Sleeping Bag

The Best Cat Blanket Option: PAWZ Road Cat Sleeping Bag Self-Warming Kitty Sack

The snuggly PAWZ Road Cat Sleeping Bag has a clear opening, making it easier for cats to find the way inside. It also has a bottom layer to lie on, making it even cozier, and is ideal for areas that get cold winters and chilly nights, keeping cats warm without the need to crank the heat. This fleece sleeping bag measures roughly 20 by 23 inches, which is big enough to fit the majority of cats but not so large that it’s obtrusive in a living space. A few color options are available, it’s machine washable, and has a cute design with ears and a tail.

Best Waterproof

The Best Cat Blanket Option: PetAmi Waterproof Blanket for Bed, Couch, Sofa

As cats age, they may lose some bladder control. A waterproof cat blanket, such as the PetAmi Waterproof Pet Blanket, can help resolve the issue. It also protects furnishings from cats who drool a lot or who clean themselves to the point of getting whatever they’re sitting on damp. The PetAmi blanket is reversible with a plush sherpa fleece side and a smooth microfiber fleece side separated by a waterproof membrane, and is 100-percent waterproof however it’s placed. While it’s large for one cat, it’ll cover the entirety of your feline friend’s favorite area on the couch or armchair or a large area of the floor. Several colors and design options are available, and it’s machine washable and dryable.