11 Elaborate Christmas Beards You Have to See to Believe

How do you celebrate the holiday season? For these 11 men, it’s all about the beard!

By Alexa Erickson | Published Dec 21, 2020 6:38 PM

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christmas beard

Photo: istockphoto.com

The Season is Upon Us

Christmas parties, virtual get-togethers, and family photos are filled with revellers in festive garb like ugly Christmas sweaters, reindeer ties, and antler headbands. But some like to take it a step further, proclaiming their holiday spirit with an abundance of facial hair.

While for many men, having a beard is a source of joy all year long, the holidays are a great time to truly celebrate all that facial hair and let it reflect the spirit of the season. We scoured Reddit to find 11 of the best Christmas beards, whether they sport incredible dye jobs, decadent decorating, or bright lights. Check them out!

The Colors of Christmas

My Friend’s Christmas Beard from r/funny

The classic Christmas colors of red and green reach a whole new level with this elaborate Christmas beard. Small green string lights festoon a luxuriant red beard, and tiny ornaments are tucked in for even more festive spirit.

Bearded Tree

Here is another one of my glitter beards. This was for “Christmas in July” this year at work. from r/beards

How clever is this Christmas beard? The beard has the perfect texture and shape to serve as the canvas for a holiday pine. Green hair spray and gold and silver ornaments set the scene, while a star is perfectly placed at the top of the chin.

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Tinsel Time

Christmas Beard is Red and Green. from r/beards

Given the texture and shape of this beard, all it takes is a little dye to turn it into a wonderland of tinsel. Not a single inch of this facial hair is safe from the holiday dye job, from the sides to the mustache and all the way down the neck.

Giddy with Glitter

I’m honestly still finding glitter around my house from last Christmas from r/beards

It would be hard to miss this sparkly beard! The red and green glitter is accented with Christmas ornaments that transform the beard into a walking holiday display. “I’m honestly still finding glitter around my house from last Christmas,” this Reddit user writes.

A Very Gifted Display

My buddies christmas beard from r/pics

You’ll find all sorts of fun surprises nestled in this beard, including a super-small wreath placed front and center and teeny-tiny, perfectly wrapped gifts. This is a beard that really captures the Christmas spirit!

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You’re a Festive One, Mr. Grinch

My Christmas beard from r/beards

Bright green on Christmas says one thing: the Grinch! But even though this Dr. Seuss character gets a bad rap, we all know he ends up the beloved hero by the end of the story. This lush green Christmas beard is accented with bits of white and a trio of red ornaments, while its bearer is decked out in all the jolly things the season is known for: an ugly Christmas sweater, presents, Santa hat, and more.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Christmas Beard from r/pics

This gentleman took his usual grooming at the barber up a notch with a Christmas-themed cut and color. To top off the green beard, he added a string of Christmas ornaments that light up for even more holiday cheer.

Ornament Oasis

Merry Christmas from r/beards

A face full of ornaments can really get the party started! Taking full advantage of its size, this bushy beard accommodates nearly two dozen small ornaments on its “branches.”

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Gingerbread Claus

Decided to dress up as Gingerbeard Claus today for work. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my bearded brothers and admirers from r/beards

“Decided to dress up as Gingerbeard Claus today for work,” says the owner of this festive Christmas beard. His big smile is just as joyful as his display of ornaments.

A Beard of Bulbs

Merry Christmas from my beard to yours from r/pics

“Merry Christmas from my beard to yours,” says this Reddit user of his holiday facial display. While many beards in this roundup have sported smaller Christmas balls, this one goes big with larger ornaments that dangle with delight!

All Is Bright

Merry Christmas. from r/beards

What else would you do with an extra-long beard but hang tiny ornaments from it? In this flowing Christmas beard, some of the ornaments even light up in colorful hues.