The Best Co-Sleepers for Sleeping Next to Your Baby

The best co-sleepers are safe while allowing parents to feed, soothe, and check in on a baby.

By Oliver Harriett | Published Nov 30, 2020 10:15 AM

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The Best Co-sleeper Option


A co-sleeper is a place for babies to sleep either in or next to a parent’s bed. Some fit in the bed and should be positioned either between the parents or between a parent and the wall. Others are bassinet-style and provide a separate sleeping space that touches the bigger bed.

Co-sleepers work by preventing mom or dad from rolling onto the baby or pulling the blankets or a pillow over the baby’s face. Co-sleepers keep the baby close to the parents, which can make breastfeeding easier and can promote bonding. Keep these factors in mind when choosing the best co-sleeper for your baby:

  • Softness: Co-sleepers come with soft or rigid sides. Those with rigid sides can be more of a deterrent for parents who might roll over in their sleep.
  • Ease of travel: Some co-sleepers easily fold or are light enough for travel.
  • Bassinet features: Locking wheels are generally desirable on a co-sleeper.
  • Age or weight limit: Some co-sleepers can be used for a year or more, while others are only for newborns or very small babies.

Our Top Picks

We considered factors such as safety, softness, ease of travel, and additional features to determine the best co-sleepers for your baby.

Best Overall

The Best Co-sleeper Option: Mamibaby Baby Lounger Baby Nest

The Mamibaby Baby Nest is best for newborns and small babies and measures 31.5 inches long by 19.6 inches wide and weighs 3.5 pounds. The lightweight design and convenient handles make the co-sleeper portable. It’s made from child-safe and breathable material: the cover is 100-percent cotton, the wrap bumper is filled with 100-percent hypoallergenic polyfill, and the bottom mat is made from 3D high-density padding. The cover and the pad are machine-washable and reversible: simply untie the cord running around the perimeter, stretch out the edge of the cover, flip the co-sleeper, and re-tie.

Best Bassinet

The Best Co-sleeper Option: KoolerThings 3 in 1 Baby Bassinet

The KoolerThings 3 in 1 Baby Bassinet can be used as a standalone bassinet, a bedside co-sleeper, or a playpen with extra storage space on the bottom. With five adjustable heights, it can easily match the height of the bed. To make the bassinet a co-sleeper, unzip the panel closest to the bed and adjust the height to make it easy to lean over to nurse, play, or check on the baby. The co-sleeper has built-in silent universal wheels with brakes so users can move it where it’s needed. The KoolerThings baby bassinet weighs 28.6 pounds and is easy to carry for travel.

Best Bang for the Buck

Little Grape Land Premium Baby Lounger

The Little Grape Land Store Premium Baby Lounger measures 35.5 inches long by 22.5 inches wide and weighs 2.86 pounds. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and the 360-degree wrapped guardrail provides a safe space for the baby to co-sleep with parents. The durable cover is machine washable and the mat and rail bumper are hand-washable. Keep all four sides zipped up for a small baby or unzip the bottom cushion to provide more space.

Also Consider

The Best Co-sleeper Option: SwaddleMe by Your Side Sleeper

The SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper allows parents to feed, soothe, monitor, and bond with a baby throughout the night while ensuring the baby is safe in a cozy space. The sleeper is 32 inches long by 14.5 inches wide by 11 inches high. The unique design includes a compressible mesh section that allows parents to comfortably reach for the baby and clearly see him or her at night. The sturdy metal frame protects the baby from parents potentially rolling over and the comfortable mattress pad and fitted sheet keep the baby safe from loose blankets. A portable, clip-on unit with night light, 2-speed vibration, and soothing sounds helps the little one drift off to sleep. It features a removable and washable pad and folds compactly for travel.