Cool Tools: No-Sacrifice Hearing Protection for Multitasking DIYers

Stay safe and connected with an easy-to-operate wireless device that protects your hearing, lets you enjoy your favorite tunes, and gives you access to your smartphone, all in one sleek package.

By Donna Boyle Schwartz | Updated May 31, 2017 2:09 PM

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Honeywell Sync Wireless


It doesn’t matter what job I’m tackling. Whether I’m staining the deck, installing an appliance, or simply cleaning the bathroom, I always work faster and achieve better results—and enjoy myself more, quite frankly—if I’m listening to music. Surely, I can’t be the only one. If you’re like me and like to whistle while you work, you may even sometimes avoid pulling out power tools whose use requires hearing protection. After all, when the earplugs go in, the music stops. And let’s face it: with nothing but the muffled drone of your equipment to accompany you, repetitive tasks like sawing boards and trimming hedges quickly become, well, repetitive.

The solution? Bluetooth-equipped wireless protective earmuffs that safeguard your hearing while enabling you to listen to music or talk on the phone, all at the same time. True, the concept isn’t entirely new. But now, with the technology having grown steadily more affordable, more streamlined, and more functional, average do-it-yourself weekend warriors are starting to pay closer attention to products like the Honeywell Sync Wireless. The appeal? It’s simple: these earmuffs deliver premium hearing protection while enabling you to stream music or talk on the phone, wirelessly and totally hands-free.

True to its name, Sync Wireless syncs to any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone via radio waves, cutting out the need for any wires that could curb your mobility or pose a safety hazard. All the while, your phone stays in your pocket, the earmuff stays on your head, and you stay focused on the task at hand. Want to play, pause, or skip a song, or for that matter, accept, end, mute, or reject a call? You can do it all without missing a beat by operating the controls built right into the sleek, ergonomic body of the headset itself. And if you do have a device that plays music that’s not equipped with Bluetooth? No problem with the Sync Wireless’ built-in jack.


There’s plenty to love about the idea of staying fully connected while toiling away amid the din of a woodworking shop, or while sitting atop a riding lawn mower. In the end, though, connectivity is just the icing on the cake; safety should be paramount. I make it a point always to wear hearing protection because—you guessed it—I genuinely want to protect my hearing! So, I appreciate the fact that for all the functionality packed into Sync Wireless, safety never takes a back seat. Case in point: The earmuff comes equipped with Volume Management Technology. That way, when you’re in the zone and jamming out to your favorite tunes, you can be certain the volume never reaches a harmful decibel level (anywhere above 85dB).

Something else I appreciate: not having to repeat myself. Against background noise loud enough to cause hearing damage, I wouldn’t ordinarily expect a phone conversation to go smoothly. But, thanks to a design that includes a special windsock, the boom mic on the Sync Wireless manages to filter out distortion and output crystal-clear audio to the party on the other end. Another great feature worth noting: the control buttons on the earmuff are so easy to feel and manipulate that even if you’re wearing gloves, you don’t need to drop everything for a call. Instead, you can hop on or off in a matter of seconds, moving the mic into position when you need it, out of the way when you don’t.

Often, my gripe with gadgets is that for all the convenience they may offer when you’re using them, they’re wildly inconvenient to keep charged. Sync Wireless proves an exception. For starters, there’s no battery replacement to worry about, because the technology runs on a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Second, a single charge goes a long, long way. Even with heavy usage, Sync Wireless can provide more than 16 hours of performance before it needs to be plugged in. In other words, the product works as hard as you do, helping productivity rather than hindering it, and enabling DIYers to multitask and get more done, more quickly. Now that sounds good!

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