Delta Innovation: Then and Now

By Larry Bilotti | Updated Jun 17, 2019 11:31 AM

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Single Handle Faucet

Classis single handle, ball valve faucet from Delta

Recognize this faucet? Chances are you had—or still have one—in your home or apartment. Or perhaps you remember it from your parents’ home or (depending on your age) your grandparents’. Regardless of how you know it, the faucet has remained a classic and a staple of American kitchens since its introduction by Delta in the 1950s.

What made the faucet so revolutionary in its day was the ball valve that allowed for the stylish single handle design and smooth rotational operation. With no washers to wear out or require replacement, the faucet was essentially immune to leaks and drips. It quickly became a favorite of consumers and plumbers alike, finding its way into millions of homes.

As innovative as that faucet was, Delta has remained a leader in the category by continuing to develop products that are not only stylish, but smart.

During a recent Bloggers Conference at the Delta headquarters in Indianapolis, I had the opportunity to learn more about the company (its history and culture) and the research, development, and design that goes into each new product line. If you haven’t checked out the Delta brand, and its more upscale Brizo line lately, then definitely take note.


Delta’s Trinsic Faucet with Touch2O Technology™ in Champagne Bronze

Touch2O Technology™
If you’ve ever handled raw chicken or fish or have had your hands covered in food stuff, then you will appreciate the Touch2O Technology of select Delta kitchen (and bath) faucets. A tap of the hand (or elbow) anywhere on the spout or handle turns the faucet on and off. And should you fail to shut the water off, a timer will do it for you in about four minutes to conserve water. The Trinsic Faucet, shown above, features the tap on/tap off technology, along with a MagnaTite™ docking feature that secures the pull-down faucet in place. Add to that its sleek, contemporary design and Champagne Bronze finish, and you have a faucet that looks good and performs even better. (To see a video demonstration of Touch2O, click here.)


Delta’s In2ition Shower™ with Hand Held feature

In2ition Shower
Until I visited Delta, I hadn’t give much thought to shower technology, but apparently the shower is a major field of research and study for the company’s product and development team. The company has surveyed bathers to learn their personal habits and routines when showering. And Delta has even studied the pattern, intensity, size and randomness of water droplets during tropical rain showers. Among the new shower products is the Delta In2ition: an integrated shower head and handheld in one. It can be operated separately or in concert with the wall-mounted shower to provide two distinct streams of water. It can also be adjusted for various sprays and reduced to a low flow to conserve water. Best of all, you can easily swap out your current shower head with the Delta In2ition. (To see a video demonstration of the In2ition shower, click here.)


Delta’s DIY-friendly EZ Anchor™ faucet installer

If you’ve ever had to install a faucet, you know the challenges of positioning your body under the cabinet to secure the mounting hardware. With Delta’s new EZ Anchor™ you can now install the faucet from above. The ingenious top-down mounting assembly features a tubular device that slips into the countertop hole and by tightening the screws on top, wings underneath (think “spring-wing toggle” logic) rise up to grip the underside of the counter. All that’s left is to feed the supply lines of the faucet through the tube and connect the water lines conveniently underneath. The EZ Anchor™ is currently only available on the Allora Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. (To see a video demonstration of the EZ Anchor™, click here.)

For more on these and other products, visit Delta.

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