DIY Copper Pipe Shelves

Slimline copper pipe shelves add a touch of whimsy to any wall and, boy, are they easy to make!

DIY Copper Shelves - Thumbs Up

Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling had a set of copper pipe hooks sitting—and sitting—in her garage for months. Then suddenly inspiration struck: DIY shelves. She got to work bringing her idea to life by combining cork coasters and thin copper piper hooks into a great-looking and totally easy decor element for her home. Here’s how she did it.

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Copper pipe hooks 1/2″ x 6″
Cork coasters
Washi tape


DIY Copper Pipe Shelves - cardboard

The first thing I did was cut my cork coasters in half. They were a little flimsy, so I traced the coaster onto some cardboard to act as support backing.


DIY Copper Shelves - Glue

I then used hot glue to secure the cork and cardboard. Then, I made a little mark on the under side as to where my copper pipe bends would sit. A little hot.glue was applied.


DIY Copper Shelves - Washi tape

I decided I wanted a little bit of color, so I added some washi tape to the top of each shelf.

DIY Copper Shelves - finished

Wow! Thanks, Amy. You can find even more great projects at Delineate Your Dwelling.