Don’t Let Leaky Batteries Spoil Your Fun

Energizer MAX batteries with Power Seal Technology can keep leaks from damaging your electronic devices—guaranteed!

By Donna Boyle Schwartz | Updated Jun 9, 2017 4:06 PM

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Eating ice cream for breakfast on your birthday. Going to the movies on Christmas Day. We all have our little traditions, don’t we? Here’s one of mine: The first weekend of spring, I throw open the windows, crank up the stereo, and clean my house from top to bottom. It goes without saying that doing this takes time and no small amount of energy. But by the close of the weekend, with the house spotless and polished, I always feel uplifted. That new-lease-on-life sensation makes it worth it for me—even if, like everyone else, I dread all the washing, dusting, and scrubbing that comes with it.

My secret to powering through cleaning chores? Music. With my favorite tunes blasting in the background, tackling otherwise tedious, tiring tasks turns into something like a celebration of spring. So, you can imagine how I felt cleaning my home in utter silence this year, all because my stereo wouldn’t play. To diagnose the problem, I tested all the buttons and checked all the connections, but in the end, the culprit turned out to be the remote control. When I opened the battery tray to see if inserting fresh batteries would make a difference, I discovered an unwelcome surprise—one of the old batteries had leaked everywhere!

Over the life of an alkaline battery, hydrogen gas gradually accumulates inside the metal container. That’s OK—that’s the way it’s supposed to work. But sometimes, particularly in old or low-quality batteries, the internal pressure builds to the point where the battery ruptures. When that happens, a white, powdery substance—potassium hydroxide—leaks out of the battery and into the device that the battery had been powering. And that’s precisely what happened to me. Cleaning the battery tray—very carefully, while wearing rubber gloves—didn’t help. The damage was done. The remote control was ruined.

“OK,” I thought. “No problem.” I figured it’d be easy and not too expensive to get a brand-new remote that would work for my aging stereo. First, I tried to find one on the internet, but even after much more time than I’d intended to spend searching, I came away empty-handed and frustrated. As a last-ditch effort, I tried contacting the manufacturer directly. But when customer service put me on hold—for the third time—I hung up the phone and promised myself that in the future I would do everything possible to avoid getting stuck in the same leaky-battery situation ever again.

Shop Energizer MAX at Walmart
If you’ve read this far, you can probably guess why Energizer first caught my attention. Of course, I had been familiar with the pink bunny for years, but I hadn’t known this: Energizer MAX alkaline batteries come with a no-leak guarantee. For the life of the battery (and for up to two years after full use), Energizer provides full device protection. This means that in the unlikely event that a leaky battery ruins a device, Energizer will cover the cost of its replacement. For me—really, for anyone who relies on batteries to power expensive electronic equipment—the no-leak guarantee offers a powerful incentive.

Behind the Energizer MAX no-leak guarantee is the company’s proprietary Power Seal Technology. In addition to making Energizer MAX the longest-lasting premium alkaline battery on the market, Power Seal Technology also delivers a range of cutting-edge design enhancements engineered to prevent leaks. In fact, you can store unused Energizer MAX batteries for up to 10 years without worrying about the batteries leaking or losing power. In other words, when you need them, they’re ready.

Energizer isn’t a new company. Energizer MAX alkaline batteries aren’t new either. And while Power Seal Technology marks a high point, it’s only the latest innovation by a company famous for achieving many firsts in the industry. After all, it was Energizer that launched the world’s first watch battery, the first commercially available zero-mercury AA and AAA alkaline batteries, and the world’s first AA and AAA lithium batteries—and the list goes on! In the past, I didn’t pay much attention to brands, but in the course of my spring-cleaning weekend this year, I learned a valuable lesson: quality counts.

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Photo: DSchwartz