Feng Shui for the Home with Your iPhone

Feng Shui DIY

Feng Shui DIY (Home)

Someone once asked me to describe feng shui. I said it was like believing your meal tasted bad, because the food was placed in the wrong positions on your plate.

That kind of environmental sensitivity can only lead to heartache in a chaotic universe such as ours. But people can believe what they like, including that the direction their front door faces and the placement of their furnishings can bring good or bad luck.

For these timorous souls, I point to Feng Shui DIY (Home), a free iPhone app. It’s a pretty limited affair, but the $10 full version promises much more guidance.

The free version introduces you to the concept of feng shui, which involves a deeper set of beliefs than many people realize. This app is based on Eight Mansion Feng Shui.

As with all varieties of feng shui, this one contends that you need to maximize the “qi”, or life energy, of a room or building. The more productive the energy the better your health, and the more success and harmony you will experience.

According to this app, your date of birth puts you in a certain group. For instance, I am in the East Group and consequently need an East House Group home. So at the app’s prompt, I stood facing out my main door to learn that my birth date and house are indeed compatible.

Feng Shui DIY

Photo: Hiratte Software Solution

If that weren’t the case, if the front door of my house occupied an “inauspicious” position, then I could always buy the $10 version of Feng Shui DIY (Home) to find out how to resolve these problems with the right color schemes. The full version also enables you to get a quick qi reading for each room by inputting information about fixtures and furniture.

Additional advice is offered on the optimal arrangement of furniture. Where poorly situated but immovable things (like the stove) are concerned, the app informs you what colors would promote balance in the troubled room. The prime time to fire up this app, I think, would be when planning a major remodeling project.

Of course, to really get harmony in one’s home, you must turn to aromatherapy. I find baking bread and/or frying bacon really smoothes the qi. That’s science.

Visit the iTunes Store for more info about Feng Shui DIY (Home).

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